Inducing Trance States In Your Date Using The Story Telling Method

First, never, NEVER mention that you can do this! If you tell her about it, you might as well forget about it! Don't say the word "hypnosis" - it will have the same affect as saying "AIDS" or "Herpes." Your aim is not to impress with what you know, but to use what you know to get results!

Try to do this in a quiet place.

Step One:

Find out your date's preferred system. This isn't absolutely necessary for this particular method, but it sure can help!

Step Two:

Start by telling a story, but make the story hard to follow. You want to overwhelm her conscious ability to keep track. Thus you would say, "Did I ever tell you about my friend, Jim? It seems he was at this conference, and he was in the hotel bar on a break. And the bartender was telling a story about his neighbor who had two brothers. One was really good at dealing with people, but the other had problems until he met this guy." etc, etc.

Step Three:

Weave elements of your current situation into the story that are based on your dates current sensory experience.

Step Four:

Lead her into a kinesthetic mode of experience and describe erotic body sensations.

Step Five:

Make a smooth transition into your physical pass at her. Don't suddenly stop talking and roughly grab her. You'll jolt her out of the state you worked so hard to build.

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Using Hypnosis To Achieve Mental Mastery

Using Hypnosis To Achieve Mental Mastery

Hypnosis is a capital instrument for relaxation and alleviating stress. It helps calm down both the brain and body, giving a useful rest. All the same it can be rather costly to hire a clinical hypnotherapist, and we might not always want one around when we would like to destress.

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