Make No Excuses For My Desires As A Man I Make No Excuses For Myself I Move Through The World Without Apology

Do you really want to get laid with all the women you could ever possibly want? Then STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR YOURSELF! Don't make excuses for wanting to look at a beautiful woman. If you're caught looking, and she asks what you're doing, tell her!! Tell her you're enjoying studying just what a perfectly beautiful body she has, and to heck with her if she's too uptight to appreciate a real man who doesn't apologize for knowing what he wants!

Stop making excuses for wanting to meet a woman! Stop making excuses for wanting to ask a woman out, and most of all stop making excuses for wanting to FUCK the living shit out of a woman you want! This kind of direct, powerful, go-for-it-attitude is an incredible turn on for women that can't be beaten!

Listen! It isn't even the words you use that convey this attitude! It's your tone of voice, your facial expressions, your posture, the speed at which you speak, everything non-verbal about you will show this attitude far more than words.

This doesn't mean you have to be arrogant, or lack a sense of humor. You can be warm and friendly at the same time you are being direct and powerful. The key is finding the balance. Once you do you will not be able to keep women away from you.

Now, it's easy to talk and tell you that you should have this attitude, but that won't help you to actually get it. That's why the next couple of chapters are so important. They will show you how to install this attitude in yourself so that you automatically find yourself living by it in your approach to women. You won't even have to try or to "think about it." It will just happen.

Here's the other attitude/belief you'll want to master if you really want to be a success at scoring with women like a madman.


I remember watching a TV show where the host was interviewing a movie star/karate champ who shall go nameless. The host asked him what the secret of his success was, and the karate guy looked at him in that wooden way of his and said:

"When I first started out competing in Karate Tournaments, I wasn't that good. I got beat a lot, but I always learned from my mistakes. Instead of crying over my losing, I just studied what I would have to do differently the next time, and whenever I met the same guy again or a different guy in the same situation, I ALWAYS creamed 'em."

Look - unless you are unusually lucky, chances are you are going to make a few mistakes as you practice the ideas in this book. And, as great as these tricks are, they won't work every single time.

Unless you know how to learn from your mistakes and accept and occasional loss, you will get nowhere. The most successful guys I know at scoring all have two great strengths: They have the first power attitude we've just looked at, and they also know how to accept getting rejected without it bothering them and they learn from their mistakes.

Ok. As I promised, let's get on to the next couple of chapters which will show you how to actually live these attitudes instead of just reading about them.

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