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Here's how to use the personals to get hundreds and hundreds of responses from just ONE ad! I got over FIVE HUNDRED responses the first time I tried it - you might do even better.

First, DON'T PLACE A PERSONAL AD! Now, I know I seem like I'm contradicting myself here, but please bear with me, because I'm not! If you place a personal ad just like every other guy on the singles page of your local paper, you aren't going to attract the attention that you need! Remember, ATTRACTING ATTENTION IS THE KEY TO MEETING WOMEN!

Instead, place a small classified ad on the singles page of your local paper or magazine. Keep it very simple and don't bother with artwork or fancy trimmings. The paper may do the layout for you for a nominal fee - if not, a graphic artist can do it. If you really want to go cheap, hire a art student from your local college.

Here's how the ad should read:

WOMEN: How To Find, Win and Keep the Love of Your Life In Thirty Days or Less!

For absolutely free information send self-addressed stamped envelope to: (YOUR ADDRESS GOES IN HERE, DUMMY!)

You are half-way home now. Instead of a few crummy responses to a personal, you are going to get HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of women writing! Run the ad two or three times, to convince the skeptics.

Here's the second step. Write a one to two page letter that is a personal ad for you, describing EXACTLY what you want and don't want in a woman. Now of course, I can't tell you what that is. But I can tell you how your letter should start. Do it just like this:

"Dear Reader,

"I have some SHOCKING news for you. You may be just DAYS away from meeting THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE.

"I have even MORE shocking news for you. You won't have to spend more than 5 0 cents to meet him, and it shouldn't take more than TEN MINUTES of your time."

I have STILL MORE shocking news for you. Even if this should happen for you, I will still owe you a GREAT, BIG, FAT APOLOGY.

"Allow me a minute to explain.

"This is NOT a pitch for a 'self-help' book. This is NOT a pitch for a 'dating service' or one of those disgusting '976' numbers. It's not even a pitch for a seminar, an irresistible love potion, or a psychic astrological-past life love chart.

"So just what the heck IS this a pitch for then? "Quite simply, dear reader, this is a pitch for ME! "OK. Allow me ANOTHER minute to explain.

"My name is (your name) and I've gone to the absurd extreme of pulling a crazy stunt like this because I very much want to meet a VERY SPECIAL lady to love and enjoy and respect. Who knows? Maybe YOU are her.

"I KNOW you are out there, somewhere. But I've recently realized that I would have to do something DRASTIC to get your attention, while weeding out all the CRAZIES, LOSERS, and DUM-DUMS who are keeping us from meeting each other.

"I hope that last sentence doesn't seem overly negative, but I think it's a pretty accurate description of the singles scene, for both men AND women."

But I digress

OK, you get the point. Then go on to describe your good and bad points, what you DON'T want in a woman, and what you do want. Finally, ask them to send a letter and a recent full length photo. If you like what you see, arrange for a meeting.

That's the SMART way to play the personals.

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