Getting The Date

OK, let's say you've managed to pick-up a more than passable bimbo. Where do you go from there?

Basically, there are two schools of thought. One school suggests getting her home phone number, waiting a few days to a week, and then calling her for a date.

The other advocates trying to get her to go out with you right then and there, the sooner the better. If you can't get a date with her that evening, you make a date for another time, right on the spot.

I've had both methods work for me, and their are certainly advantages to each. Personally I prefer the on the spot date method. Here's why.

Lots of girls who have nothing otherwise planned will go out with you that night if you make the pitch exciting enough. True, you'd probably like to be with a woman who has more interest in you, but then again we're going to show you techniques to make one of these "got nothing better to do" girls eager to sack with you regardless of their original intentions.

Also, there is something very exciting about going out with a stranger that you just met. It's an air of "anything could happen" that strongly helps to alter a girls mood and make her susceptible to doing things she normally wouldn't.

By way of contrast if you get her home number, and wait several days to call, odds are that the less interested girl is not going to be willing to squeeze you in to her schedule. And you've lost the original excitement of meeting a stranger. So it's up to you. If you like the selling challenge, or just the adrenaline rush of spontaneously making a date on the spot, do it. If you prefer to fight by a set plan, go with the phone number route.

Either way, the next two chapters will show you the winning techniques to pull it off

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