Covert Hypnosis And The Structure Of Seduction

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This method works because it bypasses all of a woman's conscious resistance to screwing you. It doesn't matter what that conscious resistance is based on. Maybe you are not her type and she THINKS she needs a certain LOOK in a guy to turn her on. Maybe she wants you but is afraid of looking cheap if she comes across too fast. Maybe she's just recently been burned by a guy and isn't eager to have it happen again.

It DOESN'T matter why, because from now on you will be able to get past all of that by bypassing her CONSCIOUS mind and getting right to her UNCONSCIOUS. If this sounds like bull, please stick with me for just a few more pages, because what you are about to see is a MAGIC key for getting laid with startling frequency.


Let me tell you a story about my buddy, Rick. Rick told me about this experience he had whenever he read a book. As he was reading along, he could begin to be aware of certain things. As he read, he could suddenly be aware of the unique darkness and shape of the letters. And as he became aware of that, he could also see the contrasting whiteness of the page. And he could also be aware of the smoothness of the paper. And as he became aware of that, he could also feel the rise and fall of his chest as he breathed, and the slightest little nodding, little nodding of his head. And as his eyes began to close

Now, what just happened as you were reading that? Even though I'm not standing over your shoulder as you read this, I'll bet my Batman comic book collection, that you started to notice the things I was talking about. You noticed the darkness of the letters, the brightness of the page, and the smoothness of the paper. And you noticed your breathing and your eyes started to close.

Here's the point: The only way to understand something you are hearing or reading, is by having a little bit of the experience yourself. Naturally, and without any resistance, you began to experience what I wanted you to, because you had to do so in order to make sense out of my words.

But notice something else of CRITICAL IMPORTANCE. I didn't suggest that you experience these things, or warn you in advance, or give you a direct command. That would have caused immense resistance on your part. Instead, I presented it to you as part of a story. I told you about an experience SOMEONE ELSE HAD, AND THE ONLY WAY FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND THAT WAS TO HAVE THE EXPERIENCE FOR YOURSELF.

This is the same pattern and technique that you can use to put a woman into an altered state and get her to feel and do just about whatever you'd like her to. You start by telling her a story about someone else, and that story describes an experience that involves the feelings and actions you want HER to take. It sounds too simple and too good to be true, but it WORKS! And the more you practice the better you get.

Let's do a sample of this, to let you see just exactly how to use this technique that she'll be unable to resist. You may want to wait till later in the evening, when you are alone in your apartment.

Even though it usually only takes five minutes or so, you still don't want to run the risk of being interrupted.

After the usual small talk, here's how it would go: YOU: Hey, did I tell you yet about my friend, Mike? HER: No. What about him?

YOU: Well, this is interesting. I remember one time Mike told me this story. You see, he had this friend. And this friend noticed something unusual when she'd listen to someone talk. Like for example she could become aware of the sound of his voice and as she heard the sound of his voice, she could also hear the other sounds of people in the room and she could become aware of the rising and falling of her chest and the slight nodding of her head as she listened and the deep, deep richness of his voice and as she became aware of all these things the pressure of her hand as it rested on the table and the outline of his face as she watched him speak her attention would become riveted on a very unique detail of his face whatever it might be that seemed to capture her attention so that as she focused more and more on this part of his face..she became more and more fascinated by what he had to say more and more captivated and totally enraptured by this experience of him that she was having and as she allowed herself to realize these things she could also feel a deep longing within herself for him to feel his touch his gentle touch across her face.

(Reach and gently stroke her with the back of your hand) and as she felt this touch and her eyes closed with the pleasure of it her breathing began to deepen, and her heart began to pound to pound with the rich deep warmth of his voice...the rich, deep warmth that began to spread began to pound through her chest and through her belly and deep through her thighs as the warmth and the wetness and the deep rich pounding of her most burning female place the pounding burning place that longed to be filled, ached to be filled filled with his throbbing rock-hard manness and as she felt these things deeper and deeper and even more intensely the feeling of his hand as it touched her thigh... let her know that she would open herself to this man completely ...give herself to him at the time he chose to take her

Now I guarantee that THAT WILL GET you laid if she doesn't rape you right there just make sure you repeat that same touch you gave her on the thigh, later on in the evening.

In hypnosis terms, this is known as an anchor. Basically, all that means is that when a person has an experience, anything that is associated or linked with that experience will cause the person to recall the entire experience. It's what Pavlov did to his dogs - by associating the ringing of a bell with the state of hunger and drooling, he could set of that state by simply ringing the bell at any time thereafter. In this case, you are also ringing someone's bell, but hopefully she will NOT BE A DOG!!!

You'll have to decide when to use this approach. You can try it in the restaurant or wait until after when she's in your apartment. It depends on how daring you want to get.


We mentioned anchoring above, briefly, and here's another way to use it to get laid on the first date.

The first step to making this work is to find out your date's preferred representational system. (FOR A DETAILED GUIDE TO DOING THIS, SEE APPENDIX TWO AT THE END OF THIS BOOK.) You find this out by asking her to recall her last vacation and have her describe in her own words, what she liked best. If she says she enjoyed the feeling of laying out in the sun, and swimming in the warm waves, you've got a kinesthetic person. If she says she liked the sound of the pounding surf, and the quiet nights, she's auditory. If she uses visual terms, she's visual.

Next, ask if she can remember the most exciting experience she's had recently. When you say the word "exciting" drop your voice a bit, and give it an erotic connotation. Nine out of ten times a woman will recall an erotic experience.

When she answers yes, ask her to close her eyes a minute. Then, depending on what her preferred system is, ask her to remember, what she saw, what she heard, and how it felt in her body. As she experiences this, you'll notice things start to change. Her face will flush, her breathing will get heavy, her lower lip will get larger, and she will actually re-experience in her body all those lovely erotic feelings she had when she first went through the experience.

As she's doing this, tell her that when those feelings in her body reach their peak, she should wiggle her pink finger. When she wiggles it, reach over and give her right wrist a squeeze, and at the same time, say, "Good." Run her through this a two more times.

Then have her clear her mind, and close her eyes. Reach over, squeeze her wrist, and say good. If you've done it right, she'll go right back into the erotic state she was in before.

Now, tease her with it. Go back to normal conversation, then a minute later, reach over and trigger the anchor again. Look into her eyes, and smile at her as your do it, but this time, don't let go of her wrist. Keep squeezing, keeping her in the erotic state until you stop.

You now have a weapon you can use any time during the rest of the evening!

Later in the evening, when your get her back at your place, tease her a bit. Don't make a pass for a long time, just smile knowingly. If she makes a comment you think is interesting, reach over, squeeze the wrist, and say "good."

When she goes into the erotic state again, keep one hand on the wrist squeezing, then attack with the free hand and your mouth.

Practice anchoring. You'll get better at it and it does take some practice-we shouldn't kid ourselves about that. But shit - it works nicely!

What's great about this technique and the previous technique of stacking realities is you often don't have to go on a formal date. You can take a girl you just met for an innocent cup of coffee and get her ready to fuck you in fifteen minutes time. Why waste time going out when you could be going in?


Again to make this work, you have to find out the lady's preferred system.

Once you do that, you start talking to her about the beach. You start by asking her to recall something from her preferred system about the beach. Let's say you are talking to a woman who's preferred system is auditory. Here's how you'd do it:

YOU: Hey, let's try an imagination experiment. Close your eyes for a second. Let's take an imaginary trip to the beach. You're at the beach. And you can hear the sound of the wind as it blows, and the sound of the waves and the sound of a gull, crying overhead and as you hear the sound of the waves (switch to visual system) you can also see a wave as it moves toward the shore you can see the sunlight glinting off the wave, and some of the white spray that's being blown off by the wind and as you see that spray you can also feel it gently touch your face now and as you feel the spray on your face and the rise and fall of your chest as you breath and the gentle warmth of the sun on your face you can begin to feel a deep and comfort and warmth and a feeling of being totally at ease.

(Here's where you get her. You've already hypnotized her, because when you switch people from their preferred system to a system that is normally not in their conscious awareness, they enter an altered state.)

and that feeling of ease and warmth, begins to spread through your body with each breath you take the rise and fall of your chest allows a glowing rich warmth to spread throughout your body ..

very good so good like warm and gentle hands your body

a warmth that feels so .. massaging throughout

(From here you lead her in the same manner as the first stacking realities technique.)

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