How To Get A Girl When She's With Another Guy (Or When You're With Another Girl)

You're at a party, and so far the action is slow. The classiest girls there are the ones who don't have cookie crumbs in their mustaches. You're seriously considering going home and thumbing through that used copy of Tit and Bum.

And she walks. A stunning raven haired beauty, in tight revealing red dress, her pert breasts straining against the thin, clinging material, nipples jutting, pouting blow job lips parted ever so invitingly. But you notice, to your chagrin, that she's with another guy.

Here's two approaches for you to try:


As you flit about the room, make casual eye contact with the girl. Try to see from her response if she's interested. If you can't tell, MOVE IN ANYWAY. This is a safe method - he won't get a chance to punch you out. Introduce yourself, TO THE GUY. Be as nice and friendly as you can, and above all KEEP BRINGING THEM BOTH DRINKS. The nastier he should get, the nicer you should be. This increases your stature in her eyes, and decreases his. At some point, Bruiser Boy is going to have to go pee. That's when you make your move. Don't dawdle, for time is of the essence. Move in and pitch for the phone number. Then get out of there fast, before he comes back! Ideally, your bird-dog pitches should be the final ones of the evening as you don't want to be around if she snubs you and then decides to tell him. There are some sicko women who enjoy making their boyfriends angry and jealous. Don't wait to see if she's one of them.

APPROACH NUMBER TWO: Hang out by the Bathroom.

This is generally a good party approach anyway everyone has to go eventually, and you get a great chance to see what's there in the room. Wait till either your dreamgirl or her beau has to go, and pounce then and there. One thing you should keep in mind - just because a girl is with a guy doesn't mean she's REALLY with the guy. He could be her brother, or cousin, or roommate. If he's really unlucky, he's someone with whom she's "just friends," which, being translated from womanese means, "he takes me everywhere and pays for everything, but if he tries to put a finger on me he'll never see me again." Brutal, aren't they?

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