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Once, one of my super-scoring buddies invited me to go to a party with him. Not having much of a social life anyway, I accepted the invitation, and besides, this guy REALLY knew how to get laid. I sort of looked at myself as being one of those small sucker fish that attach themselves underneath a shark's mouth and live off the bits the shark spits out.

Anyway, we were wandering around this huge apartment complex, looking for the party. We were walking down a hallway when we passed an open door, and there was a party going on, but it was definitely NOT the party we had been invited to. This was a formal affair; everyone was very well dressed, and my buddy and I were both wearing jeans and scruffy tennis shoes.

Through the doorway I saw a stunning blonde in a low cut dress, surrounded by guys trying to hit on her. My buddy saw her too, looked at me, and went right into action. I saw him walk in the door, cut through the crowd of guys, say something to her that I couldn't hear, and hand her a card and a pen. She wrote something down, and out came my buddy, smiling ear to ear. He had gotten her phone number!

I asked him what he said, and he told me, "I just walked in there, looked at her, and said, "Excuse me. I saw you through the doorway, and unlike these gentlemen here, I don't have time for small talk. I'd like to take you out. Can I have your home phone number?'

Now, it's not always necessary to be that direct. But it is necessary to grasp and use the attitude my buddy had, the super-attitude which will get you laid more than any line, trick, good looks, fancy car or fortune. The attitude is:

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