Few More Words Before We Get On With This Book

There's one big mistake that all the so called "Pick-up Chicks" books seem to make. That is, THEY DON'T TELL YOU HOW TO HAVE THE CONFIDENCE AND POWER TO ACTUALLY GO OUT AND USE ALL THEIR GREAT "SEDUCTION" SUGGESTIONS.

This is a CRITICAL mistake. Great advice does you no good at all if you can't actually go out and APPLY it. All it really does is make you feel worse, because now you know what to do but you STILL can't do it. At least when you were ignorant you had an excuse.

This book will NOT make that mistake; in fact the whole first section is dedicated to showing you how to have the confidence and power to be able to easily use and apply the tactics in the other two sections of the book. We'll also show you how to use your own creativity so you can develop your own seduction tactics that perfectly fit your unique personality and circumstances.

Not bad for one little book, huh?

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