Secrets of the Deep Sky

Jupsat Pro Astronomy Software

Jupsat Pro is a revolutionary new software for Windows PCs that allows you to get all of the information on the largest planet in our solar system. You don't have to wonder about the gas giant anymore; you can learn everything you want to know about it from this software. You will be able to know more about Jupiter than anyone who is not an astronomer by trade. You will get access to a LIVE stream from Nasa from satellites that are watching Jupiter constantly. You will be able to look at the planet as often as you want from the comfort of your own home! You can also see the positions of Jupiter's four moons at any given time that you want to; you can track the great red spot across the face of the planet if you want to! Everything you want to know about the most imposing planet in our solar system is right at your fingers! More here...

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Highly Recommended

Jupsat Pro Astronomy Software is a highly configurable piece of software. Installing and using is quite easy, even for the novice users but if you find yourself in trouble, there's always the Help system that's very useful when needed. From my experience with it so far it works seamlessly, so why not give it a go.

There is also a full money-back guarantee, so it's totally risk-free.I can't think of a single reason not to buy Jupsat Pro Astronomy Software as soon as possible. Great work. Highly Recommended.

Secrets of the Deep Sky

Brian Ventrudo, author of Secrets of the Deep Sky, reveals how to look beyond the easy sights such as Venus, Mars, the Pleiades star cluster, and the moon, and find the much deeper parts of the beautiful night sky that most people never get see. You will learn to increase the reach of your telescope to look farther into the sky, and find any object of the night sky that you want to see. You will learn the celestial coordinate system, to learn how to map any object in the sky. You can also learn to estimate distances in the night sky. You can learn to change your field of view to see wide objects like massive nebula, and simple techniques to preserve your night vision and increase the sensitivity of your eyes by 20-40x. This eBook guide shows everyone, from the beginner to the more experience stargazer the best tricks to get the most out of every night sky. More here...

Secrets of the Deep Sky Summary

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Astrology Foundation for Astronomy

Astrology is the pseudo-science of the stars and planets, which was the foundation for our modern science of Astronomy. When the peoples of antiquity conceived of the idea that God has made these planets as His perfect works and set them on high in the heavens, the Astrological system began. Starting with worship of the celestial bodies and the attributing to them of magical powers, the next step in Astrology was to classify the whole world into divisions which were supposedly under the influence of certain planets.

The Relation Of Magic To Other Sciences

I have traced for you the History of Magic in its various phases, Magic's Relation to Religion and to the Art of Medicine. In this lesson I will complete my outline of the background of the Mystic Art by discussing for you Magic's Relation to the Sciences of Astronomy, Chemistry, Pharmacy and Physics.

Final Thoughts by David Berglas

Magic has given me the opportunity to travel to interesting places and encounter many people you would not otherwise get a chance to meet. People like Prof. Christaan Barnard who pioneered the world's first heart transplant in 1967. He and I were chatting in a sauna when he told me how bad a sauna was for your heart Others who come to mind are the astronomer Carl Sagan with whom I had some deep and interesting conversations. His son, who was sixteen years old at the time was interested in magic and I sent him one of Marvin's Magic boxes. On various occasions I entertained the multi-millionaire Paul Getty and his guests, in his sumptuous home Sutton Place. It was interesting to see that this man, who has given countless millions to museums and art galleries, had a pay phone in his hall. As a complete contrast I was chosen to do the first half of a Rolling Stones concert an unforgettable experience The Greek shipping magnate Onassis gave some unbelievable ship launching parties for his...

The Nature Of Mind Reading

Camine Flamarrion, the French astronomer, was a believer in thought transference and the ability to read the minds of others, and has written the following expression of his convictions on this subject We sum up, therefore, our preceding observations by the conclusion that one mind can act at a distance upon another, without the habitual medium of words, or any other visible means of communication. It appears to us altogether unreasonable to reject this conclusion if we accept the facts. There is nothing unscientific, nothing romantic, in admitting that an idea can influence the brain from a distance. The action of one human being upon another, from a distance is a scientific fact it is as certain as the existence of Paris, of Napoleon, of Oxygen, or of Sirius. The same authority has also said, There can be no doubt that our psychical force creates a movement, which transmits itself afar like all movements and becomes perceptible to brains in harmony with our own. The transformation...

Magic Influence of Mars

From this system grew our modern scientific Astronomy, which has released the science of the planets from magical beliefs. Astrology, however, still exists and is believed in by many people. It is especially known today as the Horoscope, which predicts from the time of a person's birth what his future will be because of the influence of the particular planet under which he was born. These pseudo-sciences which I have discussed began with Magic and were, so closely bound up with it for centuries that all the secrecy and mysteriousness of Magic clung to the pseudo-sciences. Later when the real Sciences of Chemistry, of Astronomy developed, they were freed from magical beliefs and were given openly to the public. Though the secrecy was done away with, some of the atmosphere of the supernatural still clung to these sciences in the minds of people.


Speaking engagements include The Smithsonian Institution, the National Academy of Sciences, New York Life Insurance Co., Institute for International Research (IIR-New York), National Association for the Practice of Anthropology (NAPA), Marketing Institute, South Carolina Trial Lawyers Association (SCTLA), Washington State Administrator for the Courts, Behavior Analysis Training Institute (BATI Oakland, CA), Georgetown U., U. of Maryland, Spokane Public Relations Council, Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), George Washington U., U. of the District of Columbia, St. Alban's School, Spokane Falls Community College Management Department, Washington State Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR), Mt. Vernon High School, Society for Visual Anthropology (Atlanta, Washington, D.C.), American Anthropological Association (Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, San Francisco, Phoenix, New Orleans), U. of California (La Jolla), Grossmont College, Mesa College, San Diego Evening College,...

Telescopes Mastery

Telescopes Mastery

Through this ebook, you are going to learn what you will need to know all about the telescopes that can provide a fun and rewarding hobby for you and your family!

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