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The lead astrologer of the astrology source is Deborah Fenlon-Browning. Other astrologer like Art Poppe, Agnes Ronco, and Jeff Jawler all play big roles to offer you the best service possible. She has been a practicing astrologer for over 28 years now and for years her work was limited to off line publications and regional work until 1996 when the site was launched. She is popularly known for her supply of horoscopes to different websites and newspaper and is a Yahoo award winning astrologer. She made it her mission to educate the knowledge of self using astrology as an important tool. She and her fellow astrologers has helped a lot of people in the world find out who they really are and know more about their zodiac signs. This is a website that offers you details and information that are related only to astrology. Here you will find professional report, educational and other resources to help new comers obtain a better understanding of astrology. If you register with them, any information you require will be sent to your e-mail address within the space of 24 hours. This website is meant for anyone who requires the assistance of an astrologer or who needs information and knowledge about astrology. You don't need to have any technical skill just go to their and learn what you need to know. Read more here...

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Astrology Foundation for Astronomy

Astrology is the pseudo-science of the stars and planets, which was the foundation for our modern science of Astronomy. When the peoples of antiquity conceived of the idea that God has made these planets as His perfect works and set them on high in the heavens, the Astrological system began. Starting with worship of the celestial bodies and the attributing to them of magical powers, the next step in Astrology was to classify the whole world into divisions which were supposedly under the influence of certain planets.

Having Fun with Astrology

Astrology Gambit 1 - The old 'Pluto in Leo'trick. If you find you are facing someone who thinks they know a bit about astrology (i.e. someone who has had a natal chart drawn up and knows where their planets were situated at the moment they were born) just look at them thoughtfully, then say You must have Pluto in and tell them what house Pluto was in at the moment of their birth. The same trick works with Uranus and Neptune (Uranus changes house every 14 years and Neptune every seven years) but beware of trying to remember too many details - if you learnt all that you would be as well learning astrology properly.


At first sight Astrology would seem the perfect medium for a beginner because However, Astrology is so much part of modern day augury that you need at least the appearance of a deep knowledge. You can then persuade people that although you are an expert in Astrology you gave it all up because you found Ichthyomancy (predictions based on the entrails of fish) so much more effective. The theory of Astrology is based on the fact that the waxing and waning of the Moon has an effect on the moods of humans. (Whether it really has been proved doesn't matter. No-one but a lunatic would argue.) Therefore, astrologers assert, the movement of much larger heavenly bodies (the sun and the eight planets) will also have an effect on different aspects of our life. Popular Astrology

Ez Way To Astrology

03) Remember which person relates to which starsign and vice versa and then your job of learning basic Astrology is done Obviously you reveal this information to the client sat in front of you as if it is your expertise of Astrology that leads you to say this about them and certainly you do not mention the connection to family friends Learn Astrology this way and you'll be giving simple starsign readings in less than an hour

Chinese Astrology

Less difficult than Astrology is Chinese Astrology. A sign in the Chinese Zodiac lasts a year and is named after a limited number of animals so they are pretty easy to remember. Better still, virtually nobody knows anything about it. Signs are always attributed one of five elements in the Chinese system, earth, fire, air, water or metal although bluffers have been known to use elements like concrete or tapioca when feeling really silly. Nothing is more fun than telling someone that according to Chinese astrology he or she is a tapioca Gerbil. If anyone starts being clever and points out there is no Hippopotamus or Ferret in Chinese horoscopes, ask if it is Cantonese or Shanghai astrology that they've studied and be an expert on the other one.

The Relation Of Magic To Other Sciences

Astrology -- Foundation for Astronomy Astrology is the pseudo-science of the stars and planets, which was the foundation for our modern science of Astronomy. When the peoples of antiquity conceived of the idea that God has made these planets as His perfect works and set them on high in the heavens, the Astrological system began. Starting with worship of the celestial bodies and the attributing to them of magical powers, the next step in Astrology was to classify the whole world into divisions which were supposedly under the influence of certain planets. You can easily see how this system developed. Mars was a planet of strength and power. The god, Mars, was designated as the god of War. Naturally those minerals, plants, those weather conditions and those professions which indicated power and forcefulness and strength were put under the influence of this planet. The old magical beliefs in the elements, in the plants, etc., had merely been arranged and systematized into the...

Directive Demonstration Anchoring

When to use pattern This pattern far and away works the best within the first few minutes of meeting her. It's particularly good for girls who are really into New Age bullshit like astrology, tarot cards, ESP, UFO's and all that other crap. You can use it over the phone, in writing, or of course, as it works best, face to face

The Birthday Card System

Originally this was a complex system based on a combination of ancient symbolism, mystical tradition, astrology, tarot, and the significance of numbers. While you may certainly use playing cards for readings in the way Rex has suggested on the tapes, this system takes the use of playing cards for readings to another level entirely.

Why should such readings be successful

Although the cold reading may be capable of generating quite accurate information, due in part to the client's effort after meaning and their tendency to forget what wasn't true and to embellish what was, it can be argued that this only partly explains the success of the psychic reading. Hyman (1981) notes that although it is unlikely that the pseudopsychic reading will generate information which is truly new to the client, it may still have utility for them, as He or she may have a new insight into the conflicts and problems that precipitated the consultation. And new alternatives for coping with the situation may have been opened up (p. 179). Dean (1986 7) has commented that For every Western astrologer who concentrates on prediction there are probably another two who concentrate on psychology and counselling. The popular view of Western astrology as consisting of prediction and nothing else is incorrect (p. 168). And Jones (1989) reflects There is some evidence to suggest that...

Lecture For Sale Of Horoscopes

A lecture or spiel on Astrology, involving the birthdates and characteristics of spectators must, of necessity, be extemporaneous. And the successful lecture must establish a direct relationship between the individual and the planets. Such is an effective demonstration of Astrology and will convince the most skeptical. It is necessary that performer absorb certain amount of knowledge on Astrology to give convincing sales talk. First, signs of Zodiac starting with Aries and continuing round Zodiac until Pisces. The calendar division should be memorized so that you can tell spectators immediately in which sign he or she was torn. The general characteristics of these signs must be learned, then you will have an effective lecture for the sale of astrological books and readings. Friends, astrology is a science of foretelling probable future conditions by the position of the planets, or major stars in our solar system. This form of fortune telling,.if you wish to call it that, was practiced...

Performers Thoughts on Methods Effects Creation and Publishing

Before continuing, let me answer a most basic quandary. A diagram has printed at the top Crop Circles of Recent Discoverie and the Analytic Astrology Thereto . Many spectators take such words to mean that what you are doing is ancient. Others take these odd spellings and word combinations to mean whatever you are doing, it is legitimate. Those with backgrounds in astrology or psychology may pry into what the term analytic astrology actually means. I will tell you. It means whatever you say that it means. Do not tell others that of course. You might say it has to do with how ancient astrology has been used symbolically to represent numbers and psychological typing. You could say the meanings of the circles have been analyzed from an astrological basis. I suggest you say this as long as you have true astrological background to back such comments up. You may not believe, but one who does can often tell an illiterate fraud. They will not likely say this to you directly, but they will tell...

An Introduction To Cold Reading

This effect is based upon the work of psychologist Betram Forer. In 1949, Forer first studied an ancient effect he called, The Fallacy of Personal Validation. He was interested in determining whether people were able to appraise their own individual personalities. Using statements from a newsstand astrology book, Forer compiled the following all-purpose profile

Why are psychic or cold readings done

One of the authors (TS) has explored this principle by discussing cultural and regional personalities. For example, in conversations about predictions based on palms or stars, he has brazenly stated that he feels much can be determined by the place and year of birth, often even when the person moved from that area as an infant. He then proceeded with the stock reading presented in the astrology section of this book. He has yet to have anyone criticize the limits or accuracy of the Regional Personality, and, in fact, most are astonished by its accuracy. In cases where two or three people are being done at the same time, the reading has been either reversed or an alternate done. Results support the robust nature of the individuating information hypothesis.

Tools Psychic Crutches

From astrology to the reading of tea leaves, there are many dozens of different techniques used to 0 tell fortunes. Some of them date back thousands of years. Each method has its adherents. You will see them everywhere. Numerous psychological studies have shown that people are more prone to believe statements if the statements, purportedly are interpretations of something that is controlled by, or unique to, the individual. This would explain the continuing popularity, among the general public, of palmistry, graphology, and astrology.

Magic Influence of Mars

You can easily see how this system developed. Mars was a planet of strength and power. The god, Mars, was designated as the god of War. Naturally those minerals, plants, those weather conditions and those professions which indicated power and forcefulness and strength were put under the influence of this planet. The old magical beliefs in the elements, in the plants, etc., had merely been arranged and systematized into the pseudo-science of Astrology. From this system grew our modern scientific Astronomy, which has released the science of the planets from magical beliefs. Astrology, however, still exists and is believed in by many people. It is especially known today as the Horoscope, which predicts from the time of a person's birth what his future will be because of the influence of the particular planet under which he was born. Astrology with its magical origin was the foundation of another pseudo-science, Alchemy. The division of the metals among the planets led to the belief that...

CR and the illusion of knowledge

It's the Rainbow Ruse, adapted from the psychic context to the sales context. In the psychic context, the 'information' is supposed to come from some esoteric field of study such as astrology or the tarot. This is not generally considered suitable for business meetings, so the salesman refers to some other plausible source, such as a newspaper's business section, the trade press or a 'friend who used to work in the industry'. He then takes two opposite characteristics which could apply to any industry, in this example 'change' and 'stasis', and joins them at the hip in classic Rainbow Ruse fashion.


The word cards must also be a known sequence. Beyond that, they should be words which are constructed for pumping. Probably the most functional approach is the Progressive Anagram concept. This is a very old idea which has been explored many times in print. A comprehensive discussion can be found in the instruction book for Astrology, The Hidden Force (1983), by Sam Schwartz and Karl Fulves. The most elaborate set of interlocking anagrams available is located in T. A. Waters' Anagramarye , in Octasm (1982) .

The Calender Feat

The calender seems to be a difficult piece of mechanism, but it is nearly as simple as a sum in addition. It is easy to know what day January 1, 1940 fell upon as to learn what day the first of the coming month will be. It is also a wonderful convenience and invaluable to lectures on astrology, and crystal gazers.

Making no claim

Let me say at the outset that I myself make no claims on behalf of the tarot (or astrology, etc.). All I can tell you is that millions of people find it is a useful way of enhancing their perspective on life, and perhaps opening a window to a broader appreciation of the cycles and themes in life which affect us all. But everyone is different, and it may turn out that the tarot is not something that works for you. All I ask is that you keep an open mind, enjoy the reading, and then in the weeks ahead you can see if it seems to work for you.


Examples of the former would include astrology and palmistry. Those systems of the latter type usually involve physical materials such as bones, pebbles or cards. One of the most well established methods of this type is the ancient Chinese Ching, which originally determined information based upon the patterns formed by tossed yarrow stalks. In modern times it is more common to use coins. Random combinations of heads and tails are used to generate the indications of the future.

Conception Windows

Conception Windows is the scientific sounding name which I gave to my idea of using Astrology to help people conceive more easily or to conceive a baby of their choice I know almost nothing except the basics about Astrology and so for this idea to work you need to recruit the services of a trained Astrologer. This Astrologer will preferably be one who shys away from the limelight as in exchange for payment you will on a regular basis ask him her to calculate using Astrology certain things and then you will be the one to reveal them on TV Radio shows and in the media. You then explain that by using Astrology you can tell a couple the information they need to have a Bespoke Baby (Tailor Made Baby) or in otherwords the Baby of their dreams. Using the Male and Females dates, times and places of birth combined with the details of the actual baby they wish to conceive Astrology is used to determined the actual date and time upon which sexual intercourse needs to take place for this to...


If you get good eye contact from her and she smiles FIRST, then you can approach with a little more up front attitude. You can go in with the I have an intuition about you approach. What intuition Just read an astrology book at memorize one of the typical generic passages.

Occult Sciences

Many of the methods (astrology, palmistry, numerology, phrenology) require that you give a short character study to show how their stars palm humbers bumps accurately reveal their true personality. If you do this right they will be so pleased they won't listen too closely to your predictions.

Born Backwards

The duo moved west, and in their apartment above Sharpe's Cafeteria they designed, built, and rehearsed illusions. The act began to take shape, and there followed a long period of paying dues gigs at state fairs, a stint with Meeker's Greater Shows (a touring carnival), and endless one-night-stands throughout the United States. When times were lean, Roger would supplement their income by working as a waiter and Milo would give psychic readings. In fact, astrology, numerology, and mysticism were important subjects to Milo, and are mentioned frequently throughout Milo & Roger. Very often an important decision was preceded by a consultation of the Tarot. (Arthur also envisions two Gods of India, who benevolently watch over the two magicians.)

The Great Nixon

During the last few years he has been featured at the leading cinemas throughout the country as a special attraction, with his Question Answering Act and various Mental effects. Apart from his cinema engagements, he occasionally plays in Variety, also Private Functions of every description. Most of the effects he presents are original, and he is the only man doing these effects. The presentation of his Billet Reading Act is enhanced by the fact that he incorporates Astrology, of which he is a learned student.

Asian Female

Asian people, when read, do not really care for strictly straight psychic readings or clairvoyant readings, meaning simply, holding their hand and talking is not their cup of tea. They would rather use rune stones, I-Ching, Tarot, palmistry, astrology, numerology, because that's the way that they have been taught.

A 7wee Card Routine

1 turn to Spectator C and ask him to honestly tell me if he believes in psychic power, astrology, and spirit intervention. If he says 'No,' I pause and stare at him for the moment and then turn to the other spectators and say, Okay, I shall be using you two quite a lot for these tricks. If he says 'Yes,' I say, Then I shall be using you quite a lot for these, I hope you don't mind. There is a laugh from the group. During that interchange, I have done the following. I have openly sprung the cards into my left hand, giving them a downward buckle. I then execute a pass somewhere a little below the middle of the deck, and give the new upper section a bend in the opposite direction. The two halves are now really only in contact across the middle, with the three chosen cards on the top of the bottom half.

Golden Rules

No-one really wants to know their future. People consult astrology, cards, etc. because they are worried about the future. They want to be reassured. They don't want to worry more. Even if you really think they will go bankrupt or that their romance is doomed, don't tell them that. The trick is to tell people what they want to hear, without seeming to do so. These simple rules apply to every method of the augury and can be used with devastating effect. They vary widely from simple make-it-up-as-you-go-along methods like 'crystal-ball gazing' (always call it skrying pronounced skreeing - crystal ball gazing just sounds silly) to complicated 'sciences like Astrology, where you have to go through hours of

James Stewart

Our May 1938 issue No. 44 had what now is becoming much discussed, or at least mentioned by various magical mag writers. The prophecy (to a day I) when Austria would lose her independence was offset a bit by A country, not long ago thought to be strong and stormproof, will offer a very pitiful spectacle. The date given was July 22, and two months later came Munich. This was all Oct. 1937 prophecy business via astrology. However, the spine tingler angle on that Polish monk's seering, (also in No. 44) which, mind you, was foretold In 1788, was regarding the general world war to break in 1938, with peace over the world only in 1986. If you, you or you can jump ahead 150 years, ring the bell as many times as did that cell-immuned monk, (again in No. 44) and come within a few months, year dates notwithstanding (after all, those higher-plane dreamers went by ephemeral signs and phases), to as good a prognostication describing the mattress updn which humanity in general is now wallowing in...


Sceptical of the two clients suggest I had proved that astrology works. On another occasion, I was invited by Paramount Television to be a guest on the 'Leeza Gibbons' show in Los Angeles. They too wanted a cold reading demonstration, but the set up was a little different. They arranged things so that before the show I met four women from the studio audience for five minutes each. This time I posed as a clairvoyant - no tarot cards, no astrology chart, just me and my 'psychic vibrations'.

The clients

The first client (Virgo) was a very likeable, gently-spoken woman, in her late forties or early fifties, with a trace of a South African accent. She was pleasantly plump rather than athletic, and dressed for comfort rather than style. After the reading, it later transpired that she was married, and had a modest interest in astrology. The second client (Taurus) was a rather more confident young woman in her early twenties, and English. She was extremely slim and athletic, and her looks, make-up and stylish outfit made it clear she took great care over her appearance. Though polite and good-natured, she was clearly more noncommittal than the first. After I had completed the reading, it turned out that she was single, although in a long-term relationship, and was mildly sceptical about astrology.


Most women - given a choice - would believe in palmistry over astrology, tarot cards, numerology, tea leaves. The first section deals with Astrology. Whether there is any truth in astrology is not the Issue. It is useful in doing readings or profiles in several ways. It is a good exercise in developing facility, developing variations of patter, and of getting into your intuitive self. If you are not already familiar with these, start by acquainting yourself with the following list of the zodiac signs and their associated meanings. Then, as you are interacting with people, doing character sketches, free associate the meanings of the signs, and then check on the date of their birth. Ask for feedback, whether the things you said were accurate. This can be a confidence building exercise for future readings, and whether it is a result of the Barnum effect or not, Is a useful first step in building your intuitive nature.

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