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Astral Travel Now is a 14 module audio program by the renowned top hypnotist Dr. Steve G. Jones also known as The Celebrity Hypnotist.This system is designed to take you step-by-step through the process of having and sustaining a conscious Out of Body Experience (OBE) by equipping you with the essential prerequisites needed to achieve a true astral experience. You'll learn how to experience the wonders and pleasures that Astral Projection can offer you. Explore other cities and countries in an instant and even visit other planets and worlds unknown to mankind. The astral projection will give you insights into your true being thereby leading you to your life purpose with astounding joy. Also, develop your own natural skills of Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) and experience feelings of joy and pleasure 99.9% of humans will never come close to feeling. Furthermore, you can take what you learn while astral projecting and apply it into the real world in order to change your reality to the one you desire. All these and more is what Astral Travel Now offers you. A program that will turn your life around for good! More here...

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Barry Coopers Koncepts

KENTON'S KOMMENTS Ah what some may suggest in so few words Mr. Cooper makes some very interesting suggestions here, and I especially enjoy using Killer for Telephone Telepathy . Let's imagine you are doing close-up at a home, or mentalism at a Psi-party. Killer could then be used as a test for visualization, thought projection, vocal influence, even perhaps astral projection (Do you have a deck of playing cards in your home Take one out and hold it up into the air I'm going to let you speak to someone else now as I go into a trance ) Combine this with Mr. Cooper's other suggestions (or your own ideas) and this can appear to be undeniable PROOF of your abilities . Use an in-the-pocket version with an astral projection theme and well If you were off then alter your above remarks to include I was very close But you are sti 11 holding your card, are you not What I have here was as close as I could get the (name the card), so I was off But then just as I was leaving and returning here with...

The Secrets of Yoga Cosmology

Illusion Levitation

Yoga Cosmology is Astral Plane Magic. It is listed among the High Magics, and includes the extra sensory perception powers which are considered of vast importance to the magician. In the book, Religious Mysteries of the Orient, Ron Ormond and I touched on the subject of Hindu clairvoyance as Parimal Bandhu explained it to us. In this chapter and the next, I will cover this subject in depth in relation to our study of the real magic and mysticism of India. Now, the Yoga instruction continue that The Akashic Records abide and are stored upon that particular plane of cosmic activity which is known as The Astral Plane. The Astral Plane abides in all space in fact it is one of the several particular planes in infinite space. So The Akashic Records are seen to be wherever there is akasha, and akasha is everywhere The storehouse of The Akashic Records, therefore, is infinite. The seeker for these records accordingly does not have to travel to some particular place to read them inrtead of...

Performers Thoughts on Methods Effects Creation and Publishing

I am going to ask you to mentally travel anywhere you would like, for a vacation and a getaway to relax. But don Y do this yet -1 will help guide you. Have you ever been part of a guided meditation before tonight This one will be quite simple. I will make sure we are going along on the same wavelength. As we do this mind-travel together, we may share certain ideas and visions of course. The way it will end tonight though will depend upon you. If you are very good at this, we may show everyone just how real this experience can be.

Becoming A Master Magician

Girl Levitation Hypnosis

We will now consider Yogi Astral Plane Phenomena, which belongs to the High Magic these powers continue our study of Yoga Cosmology and take us into the realm of extra sensory perception. Higher in the scale of the Yogi's supernormal powers is that class of psychic phenomena known generally as clairvoyance, or psychic perception. In this class of phenomena, the mind functions on the astral plane, rather than upon the ordinary physical plane. That is to say, the mind employs its astral senses rather than its physical senses, and its objects so perceived by these astral senses are the associated astral images rather than the ordinary physical objects of which these astral images are the counterparts or reflections. You have been informed concerning these astral images in the preceding chapter, so you will have this understanding. The astral images cannot be perceived by means of the five physical senses, but may only be sensed by employing the astral senses. The astral senses are the...

Genuine East Indian Magic

Damon Lanza Biography

The real magic of India is of two types (1) Illusionary Magic in which the magician causes the effect to appear within the mind of the observer. This magic is related to hypnotism in its effect, but is caused, it is said, by a psychic process rather than a psychological one. It is known as the intermediate magic. (2) Creative Magic is the magic of the Masters in which the processes of nature are influence directly by creative mind. It is known as the high magic. Also, in the High Magic the Yogis place Astral Plane Phenomena in which are developed the extra sensory perception (ESP) powers of the magician. In this text, you will learn the secret techniques for the practice of these magics, as explained by Sadhu Parimal Bandu.

Your Astral In 3d

I HAD been explaining to Angus about his astral body. You see you actually have two bodies, the one we normally see and which is governed by the customs and etiquette of the times wej live in and the other, the astral body, which is released only during sleep. This body, of course, knows no limitations but can in seconds travel to any part of the world, assume any shape and do many things which normally our human body would find impossible to accomplish. He adjusted his kilt more tightly around his knees and after a moment's silence said, Are you trying to tell me at this moment, providing someone is sleeping, that there are astral bodies floating about all over the place Correct and of course, I said, this spirit knows no bounds, so let's try a final test. I will try to set free your astral body and I want you to merely think of what form you would like this body to take, what country you would like it to visit and what action you would like it to do. To. get the right atmosphere...

Eddie Cliver

Annemann The Jinx Shirts Mentalist

The whole idea of the effect seems to be that the performer does something to a hidden article to prove he really holds it in his hands during a ghostly interlude before his audience. In other words by some sort of witchcraft or demonology J the wizard finds the hidden object-without leaving the room. Or his astral body travels to the point and locates it. And to prove that such is true a mark is plaoed upon the object. Therefore, why not do something simple

Encore Voodoo

To start, the performer announces an experiment in witchcraft. A bit of Voodoo ceremony used to impress ignorant souls that the incantating and muchly overdressed native Witch Doctor is really possessed of powers beyond the reach of ordinary mortals. A power that permits him to send his astral body into far off places during the curious and forbidding rituals of the Voodoo ceremonies.

Astral Projection The Naked Truth

Astral Projection The Naked Truth

You are lying in your bed, eyes shut, completely relaxed and totally awake. After a few minutes you feel your body becoming heavy and numb. The next moment you experience a floating sensation and then you start rising up. floating a few feet above your bed. Learn more within this guide by downloading it today.

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