Your Perfect Right

Your Perfect Right

Always wondered if you could use assertiveness and equality in your relationships and in your life? Here are some great information on how to be more assertive! Do you want to improve your career and the amount of money that you bring home? Do you want to break all the sales records in your office? Do you want to bring home more money? Do you feel as though you are just short of reaching all of your goals?

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Assertiveness Aids Persuasion

Others possess these very same rights. We cannot encroach upon these rights. While we expect others to respect our rights, we must also respect others. This principle enshrines the core of assertive behavior. Assertive behavior sows confidence. Confidence prevents us from yielding weakly in the face of pressure and it puts our needs forward. Anytime, anywhere. We feel good about ourselves because we send a clear message as to how people should treat us. Assertive behaviour requires that we act politely, reasonable and objective. Assertive behaviour requires that we let others know exactly what we want and feel. As a natural consequence, persuasion cannot occur in the absence of assertive behavior. To convince others, we must be naturally assertive. A weakling cannot sway the mind of an opponent. Victorious persuasion can be easy. First, know your rights. Be aware of where you stand. Then deploy the tools of scientific persuasion. Be forcefully assertive. The first shot fired in the...

Hotwiring Your Mind for Assertive Behaviour

The Creator shaped the world in seven days. Creating a new assertive personality takes longer. Through constant practice of assertive behavior, our personalities evolve and eventually become naturally assertive. Three weeks of constant behavioral modification through conscious replacement of weak and passive conduct with stronger ones make the change permanent. In this book, behavior modification entails incorporating certain new vocabulary, avoiding the use of certain sentences, adopting new habits and solving special problem situations in a specific manner. The practice of the following exercises firmly entrench assertive behavior consciously and subconsciously.

Establishing an intimate atmosphere

No matter how this intimate atmosphere is created, the point is to dissuade the client from being too challenging or assertive. It also promotes the sense of participation in a ritual. Rituals are a time-honoured way of constraining normal mental responses (including the Wait a minute, this is all nonsense response) and thereby conditioning behaviour. This is why rituals are found in every religion and military organisation. The more time we invest in a ritual, the harder it becomes to break free of it.

See also Broadside Display

One of several nonverbal cues derived from body movements designed to counteract the pull of gravity. 2. An assertive gesture or posture utilizing antigravity extensor and pronator muscles. 3. Specifically, palm-down speaking gestures and dominant postures of the high-stand display.

The New Behavior Generator Pattern

As we construct these strategies (or parts), we describe them in terms of what they do, their function, rather than in terms of how they do it, their behavior. In other words, we build parts to achieve outcomes. With every strategy we learn, we essentially install a part within ourselves to pull off certain behavioral outcomes. Do you have an assertive part A forgiving part A creative part Of course, the tricky bit lies in creating parts that won't interfere with other parts and outcomes. Source Bandler and Grinder (1979). 1. Identify a part or function that the person needs. Determine the specific outcome the person wants. For instance, they might want to build an assertive part, or a part to handle conflict positively, or a part to handle rejection resourcefully, etc.

Reading Bridgepoker Cards

Six of Clubs - You have a tendency to keep too much within yourself. It is debilitating to keep everything inside, hostility and anger especially. Be more assertive. Five of Spades - You procrastinate too much. Make and keep your decisions. You decide in April and act in November. It is months 'til you act. You are assertive, but could be more self-assured.

Why are psychic or cold readings done

As a consequence, it is suggested that any time you are doing a reading, even an effect that involves a brief profile, consider that what you are doing may subsequently have a major impact upon the self-concept and the self-esteem of the individual. Whatever your intentions, be exceedingly careful about your phrasing of any comments. Listen to yourself on tape. Have others listen with you. Watch for such phrases as you allow others to treat you like a doormat, to take advantage of you, and replace them with something akin to I sense you might profit from becoming more assertive. Realize that just as a prediction you will meet someone named (like, looks like, who is) is likely to be fulfilled, so may any inference or statement about physical or emotional condition become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

More Useful Generalities

We all tend to blame others for faults in ourselves that we don't want to face. Psychologists call it a protective mechanism. The bossy busybody sees herself as helpful and assertive. To a mean and spiteful person, you might say, You tend to be too nice, too trusting, at times. You are frequently hurt by mean and spiteful individuals around you. That's the way she sees herself.

Basic Persuasion Techniques

Assertiveness 101 - To be persuasive, you must be assertive. Learn what your rights are and how to enforce them without guilt. Enjoy the rush of power when you speak your mind without fear Assertive Strategies To Deal With Problem Situations - At your disposal are powerful tools to assert your needs in any situation. Master these techniques and never again will you cower before stronger individuals. Hot-wiring Your Mind for Assertive Behavior - You can make yourself permanently assertive. These effective methods reengineer your way of thinking so that you will be stronger and more influential.

Tools Psychic Crutches

Some of the methods, of themselves, provide additional information about the sitter, and make them suited for readings by mail. Graphology for example, will reveal such things as whether or not the individual is outgoing or introspective, assertive by nature or mild, angry or despondent. It s just that type of information, of course, that will enable you to personalize your reading for the individual.

Getting Noticed Part I

Sometimes she doesn't notice the ball come over the net. Sometimes she's seeing if you're as brave as you are assertive so she just sits there and waits for you to show her what you're made of. Sometimes you don't notice that 235 pound boyfriend standing right behind her.

The Resolving Codependence Pattern

70 The Assertive Speaking Pattern Concept. Do you have a good strategy for speaking up and asserting your own thoughts, values, beliefs, feelings, etc. Assertiveness involves a basic human right that of owning and claiming responsibility for our own thoughts, values, feelings, etc. Some people simply lack the strategy and training regarding how to do it. Others have suffered having permission taken away from them so that they don't allow themselves to voice their feelings. This shows up in fears about the weaning of assertive behavior (a Meta-state). If I speak up, people will not like me I will be rejected people will think I'm bossy, etc. Such lack of assertiveness results from dysfunctional beliefs or inadequate programming. Conceptually, asserting differs from fleeing and fighting the two responses that arise when we feel afraid, threatened, insecure, violated, etc. In the fleeing aspect of the fight flight syndrome of general arousal, we become primarily conscious of our fear as...

S Female Single

You will attract two men to you, they are going to be like night and day, black and white. One is going to be aggressive, assertive, in control, and for lack of a better word, the bad guy that will attempt to use you, abuse you, manipulate you relative to your feelings. And it will be a lesson that you will have learned. Currently you're somewhat bored. You need a trip, you need a change, you need to change the patterns. You need to alter things within your life as far as the direction you are going. You've got to become more assertive, and less laid back, not introverted, but maybe a little bit introspective, but you've got to somehow change that.

The Power of Rapport

To this point you have mastered only the internal building blocks of persuasion. You are already aware of the mindset and disposition necessary for influence. An assertive personality allows you to persist with an idea. Understanding what people want and knowing the human driving force enable you to formulate the right statement of requests. This section builds the bridge between you and the other person.

Talk to the Audience

Lastly, power refers to the overall control of the voice. As a rule, you need to be assertive and in control, speaking with authority. Practice projecting your voice in normal day to day activities. Understand how it sounds to speak in a controlled manner, and experiment by changing the power of your voice to suit a particular effect.

Victim type

Family where dad was verbally or physically abusive and this has set up her patterns for what she is comfortable with and what she has known all her life. They despise Nice guys and see them as wussies. They confuse meanness with confidence and arrogance with assertiveness. They love to complain to their girlfriends about how badly you mistreat her.

Body Reading

Roundness, mesomorphy - the component of muscularity and ectomorphy- the component of length. These three components are linked to traits of temperament the endomorph to relaxation, warmth, and sociability the mesomorph to energy, assertiveness and drive and the ectomorph to quickness, sensitivity and inwardness. Mesos are strong, muscular, assertive, energetic, and ambitious 1. Assertiveness of posture and movement 18. Assertiveness and aggression under alcohol Assertive

Asian Female

I think that you are old fashioned, straight, and traditional relative to your family. So that you would be a new breed. And your mother, your aunts, your grandmother would see you as too assertive, too aggressive, too much Americanized, so that you would perhaps not be the person that they would want you to be. I believe that in a relationship that you give totally, unconditionally.

Hispanic Female

My sense is that you are different than your mother, your grandmother and your great-grandmother. I believe that in many ways you will not put up with what they have put up with in their lives, because I know that your father and your grandfather were probably very assertive and very outspoken and conceivably could be physical with your mother.

S Female Married

You may like the aroma of smoke from a pipe or a cherry flavored pipe smoke, but not like the smell of cigars or cigarettes. I sense that you need to be a little bit more assertive about the direction that your life is taking, because you have fallen into' routines. You wouldn't want to be too aggressive, but you could be a bit more assertive. You have an excellent sense of humor. At times, maybe a bit too proper. You are too demanding of yourself. And you keep a lot of emotions inside.

S Male Single

You are selective as far as the woman that you are attracted to. There will be an assertive woman attracted to you that will have a tattoo on her left shoulder. There will be a woman, I am sensing some sort of an earring, I don't know if it's through the ear, through something, but I feel that this girl with the tattoo will also have let me put