Whining is definitely one of the most annoying habits out there. The first thing that every whiner has to realize is that their lives are not the problem - their feelings are. Whiners set themselves up to feel like victims, like their lives are out of their control and the only thing they can do is complain about it.

Whiners are typically people who feel put-upon, and that they don't feel they have the time or ability to do everything they either want or feel they have to do.

Understand, you have just as much time as everyone else on this planet. By that, I mean you have 24 hours every day to do what you feel you need or want to do. No one else has an unfair advantage to you in the time department. How you choose to use your time is YOUR choice and your choice alone. No one can force you to use your time any differently than you want to.

Typically, whiners are people who choose to take on too much and by doing so, complain and criticize others. When we feel overworked, or overburdened, we tend to resent the fact that we feel the need to do so much, and will look for something outside ourselves to blame, be they friends or loved ones. This is a tactic that is designed to make us feel helpless, and thus out of control of our own lives.

In order to overcome the habit of whining, you must make a concerted effort to simply stop complaining, for good.

Complaining is self-pity spoken out loud. And guess what? Self-pity is annoying to other people! And when people are annoyed, they will never give the whiner the sympathy they want or feel they deserve. After all, that's all whiner's ever want isn't it? Someone to pity them?

Ask yourself: Do you want to be pitied?

I should hope the answer to that question is NO.

You choose to do what you want to do. You choose the job you work at, the home you live in, the people you hang out with, etc. You may HAVE to work 80 hours a week at the office to get everything that job requires of you done, but if you wanted to, you could quit that job and find one you only have to work 40 hours a week at. It's within your control.

If you want to work that 80 hour a week job because you want to get promoted and make lots of money, don't blame your boss for piling on the work, or criticize your secretary for taking too long with that transcription, or complain about how you have no time for a social life. You are choosing to work this job because you have a goal. No one is making you pursue that goal but yourself.

If you're lonely and feel like you can't meet a woman, but never go out on weekends or talk to any women, it's easy to just say "Woe is me! I'm ugly and no girls like me! No one wants to talk to me! I'm alone!" But you're choosing to sit at home and not go out. You're choosing to stay timid and shy instead of meeting new women. No one is keeping you from getting what you want but yourself.

When you complain, you create resentment, not just in yourself, but in others. Stop complaining and know you have control over your life and what tasks you choose to partake in.

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