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One of the big-big-BIG questions I always get from men is "Wow, your stuff is great, but where do I go to meet all these women?"

There is no map you can buy that says "Go here to meet women!" But the reality of the situation is - you don't NEED a map! Look around. Women are EVERYWHERE! You'd have to work hard NOT to find women to approach.

That said, the location you find a woman will directly correlate to the type of women you find. For instance, if you're looking for a wild party chick to have anonymous, mind-blowing sex with, chances are you won't find her when you go to church. So keep this in mind when you go out to meet women.

Now let's go over the common places that you will meet women at. Shopping Places

If there's one thing women love to do, it's SHOP. And if there's one thing men hate to do, it's SHOP. So when you go to places that women tend to go to buy stuff, there will be a great many women and a select few men.

In other words, it's happy hunting grounds!

The obvious choices are large shopping areas, such as malls, or stores like Wallmart or Target. Anywhere that clothes are sold, women will be there. If the place you live has a garment district, where many different stores sell various types of clothing, this is an EXCELLENT place to meet women. In Los Angeles, where I live, the garment district is on Melrose Ave, and you will never fail to find incredibly hot women walking around at all times of day as they go about shopping for the latest fashions.

But clothing stores aren't your only option. There are lots of other places, such as furniture and house supply stores. Ikea, the popular chain furniture store, is an amazing venue to meet gorgeous women at, as is a chain such as Bed Bath & Beyond, which sells various house supplies, such as bedding, cookware, etc.

And of course, everyone's old favorites, the grocery store and the book store. Most book stores nowadays have coffee shops in them, where many women like to site, usually by themselves, and read or study. Women also love to roam the isles, looking for something new to read. These places are great to meet women in.

Grocery stores are a big untapped resource as well. Right after work usually lets out, around the 4-6 pm timeframe, is always a good time to go, because women will stop by to pick up some food before going home. Weekends are also good times to go, especially Sunday mornings.

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Healthy Dating and Relationships

Healthy Dating and Relationships

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