What is an Opener

A butterfly flaps its wings, the breeze it creates sends a puff of pollen from a nearby flower into the air, causing a rhinoceros to sneeze. The sound of that sneeze causes a herd of zebras to stampede, disrupting the flow of wind current, which helps create a hurricane in the South Pacific, which causes American Airlines to cancel their flights that night, which means the girl of your dreams is forced to stay in town for one more day. You find her at your favorite bar with her friends, partying away her borrowed time.

Now what?

Though fate may have acted in your favor up to this point by doing the exact things necessary to get that exact girl to show up in that exact location at the exact same time that you would be there, the fact remains that it is now up to you to take action.

But what action do you take?

Do you sit at the bar watching her like a stalker, hoping she'll notice you and come over to talk? Do you offer to buy her a drink like every other loser in the bar and go home $8 poorer? Do you club her over the head and drag her back to your cave?

The answer to all three questions, of course, is NO! Then what's a guy to do? This:

You OPEN her.

Not in the literal sense of course. She doesn't need surgery. The idea of "opening" is the notion of approaching a woman with the express intent of engaging her in a conversation. By doing so, you then make her more receptive to talking to you, effectively opening her up for further interaction with you - hence the word "opener."

The "opener" is a line that is used to initiate the conversation. It is often the first sentence exchanged between the man and the woman he desires. "Pick-up Lines" are forms of openers, but openers can be anything to get the girl talking.

Why is this important?

Simple. If you DON'T open a woman, your chance of seeing her again and leading into a relationship or sex is approximately.

Anyone? Anyone? You guessed it -- ZERO!

After all, you can't further an interaction that's never been initiated. But when you DO open a woman, your odds of segueing that into some type of relationship increase dramatically.

From the opener, you have many different threads you can follow -- from friendship, to girlfriend, to one night stand -- your options are only limited by your own beliefs and social skills.

But you're not going to get anywhere until you start that conversation, and start it off RIGHT. Believe it or not, there is a wrong way to approach someone, which we'll cover later on in the book.

So now that you understand what an Opener is, and why it's important, let's move on to another important concept - that of "Interest."

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