Types of Openers

Now that you know some of the basic theories, tactics, and strategies behind the Art of Approaching, it's time to introduce you to the specifics.

As listed earlier, there are ten different types of Openers that will be discussed in this book. The Openers are listed in alphabetical order, along with brief explanations of the Opener, the Structure of each Opener so you can eventually learn to construct your own personal ones, and specific examples of Openers that not only illustrate what we are discussing, but that you can also use in you interactions with women.

These Openers are now yours to do with as you please. You can memorize them word-for-word, or mess around with them and create your own variations.

Heck, you can even come up with your own openers by following the structures I list out!

The possibilities are endless.

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Body Language

Body Language

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