Time Constraints

No matter what you use to Intrude upon someone's personal bubble, they will always put up some resistance to admitting you because people, by nature, are busy.

This is why you'll want to add in "Time Constraints" into your Intruders.

A Time Constraint is a way of telling your target that you are going to interact with them for a short period of time. What this does is bypass that resistance they would put up because you are presenting yourself as just a momentary distraction to their daily lives.

But this gives you the opportunity to capture their fancy and open them successfully.

Some examples of Time Constraints are:

1. Real quick.

2. I've only got a few seconds.

4. I gotta get going in a minute.

5. I can only stay a minute.

6. This'll only take a second.

All of these time constraints set the stage for a quick interaction, which you'll find most people are open to. But once you're in your target's personal bubble, you'll find that you can take up as much time as is necessary to get them interested in you.

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