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Okay, now that you have the Do's and Don't's, it's time to share with you the coup de grace of the Art of Flirting.

This is the nuclear bomb that you can drop on any woman to move from flirting with a girl, to getting her madly, passionately attracted to you!

You ready for it?

Okay, here it comes.

The best and most effective form offlirting is joking and innuendo about sex!

If you didn't know this before, let me just say this is one of those concepts that's so simple, it's easy to overlook.

When you sit down and boil everything to its core, all you are doing from the moment you meet a woman is trying to get her to have sex with you. After sex is when the relationship stuff kicks in, but before that, it's all building up intercourse. You know it, and the girl knows it too!

As I said before, flirting is about communicating your interest in a woman and finding out if she feels the same way. But flirting is also about building up attraction! And as we all know, attraction is a sure-fire way to get some hot, steamy loving!

But the tricky thing is, you can't just come out and start talking about how bad you want to bang her. You have to employ some tact.

The best way to introduce the topic of sex while flirting is through humor and innuendo. Humor is effective because it's disarming. It takes some of the edge and stigma off of the topic of sex, and breaks down any barriers the woman you're with may have about talking about it.

Innuendo is effective because it's unclear. You're implying sexual overtones, but it's all about how she interprets what you're saying. Instead of breaking down her barriers about sex, innuendo bypasses them and sneaks the suggestion of sexuality into her brain.

Often times, innuendo begets humor. The more innuendo you can slip in, the more sexual the conversation will become. Be sure to read your target while you're doing this, though, because it can backfire on you. If she's playing along with it, take it further. If not, back off a little.

But no matter what you do, always keep this in mind: Get her to think about having sex, and sex will not be far off!

Humor and innuendo are the best ways to do this.

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