The Two Types Of Flirting

In my experience, flirting falls into two different types of categories. They are:

• Flirting For Fun

• Flirting With Intent

Let's break these types of flirting down.

1. Flirting For Fun

This is probably the most common type of flirting, and you'll see men who are naturally good with women do this almost constantly. Some people call this an "energy" or and "aura," but it's really just an attitude where you flirt with pretty much everyone.

See, no matter what type of flirting you do, it's always FUN! Exchanging playful sideways glances with women, and laughing and joking around with them can do wonders in making you feel energetic. It can really brighten your day and raise your self-esteem. Not only that, but this type of attitude really does attract other people to you, so your social circle grows when you flirt for fun. This type of flirting also projects a great deal of confidence on your part, like you're unafraid of what society would say.

Fun flirting is pretty much a harmless endeavor, because you flirt with everyone - even people you aren't attracted to! You just do it because you enjoy it.

Women are incredibly perceptive when it comes to subtle sexual cues, but when you're flirting for fun, subtlety isn't really necessary. Pretty much anyone will pick up on the vibe you're giving off and respond to it in their own way. A guy who likes to flirt for fun will often have a lot of female friends and will usually have girls around them, because women enjoy the attention a great deal, and as I said before - flirting is fun for everyone involved!

2. Flirting With Intent

If flirting for fun is setting off a bomb in a crowded room, flirting with intent is a sniper rifle. Because flirting is essentially the beginning of the human mating ritual, when you do find someone you are attracted to, you will want to flirt with them directly.

Flirting with intent can be like a lot like a tennis match. There are two players, and you both constantly lob the ball into the other's court and see if the ball is hit back to you.

As with flirting for fun, you can selectively flirt with anyone you want. Focusing your energy on one person instead of everyone is perfectly natural. However, this doesn't mean that the person you choose to flirt with will flirt back with you.

When you flirt, you are signaling interest on your part to another person. If that person picks up on your flirting, and decides they are attracted to you or want to reciprocate, then they'll flirt back. Once that happens, its "game on."

I've read some advice that you should never flirt with people who won't return your interest and you should only flirt with those who are equally or less attractive that you are.

This is complete "ka-ka."

As stated before, you can flirt with anyone you want! You never know what type of man a woman is going to be attracted to, and when it comes to flirting, you honestly have nothing to loose. The worst that can happen is an embarrassing situation like you had in the past, but if you are paying attention to whether or not the girl you like is reciprocating your flirting, you'll know when to walk away or when to press forward.

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