The Joke Opener

In a way, the Joke Opener is the most powerful way to Open a target, but it is also the most difficult Opener to do.

The reason it is difficult is because the Opener has to be funny.

But the reason it's powerful is because it gets your target laughing, and laughter is instantly disarming, and raises your perceived social value to the target.

Another reason why this type of Opener can be a bit sticky is because you're going to have to be congruent with the funny/entertaining aspect of it.

For instance, if you're a stick-in-the-mud with the emotional expressiveness of Al Gore, or better yet, a cardboard box, and the only funny thing you do all night is your pre-memorized Joke Opener, people are going to know something's off and you'll lose your target.

But if you're a funny guy, or even a somewhat intelligent guy who can crack a joke or two, an Opener like this should work just fine.

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