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In today's modern age, where everyone is connected by computers, the Internet has sprung up as a major venue to meet women. Everywhere you look, a new dating website has sprung up promising you love and romance.

I have had some good success with the internet, so you shouldn't be afraid to try it out. There is no real stigma attached to it like there used to be. A lot of young, cool people use the internet to meet others.

The obvious internet choice is dating websites, where you put up a profile and email other people who have profiles up. As these sites have gotten more popular, you can find niche sites that cater to certain audiences. For instance, now you can find people based on their political affiliation. Seriously, there are dating websites dedicated specifically to you meeting another liberal or conservative.

If you're into alternative stuff, like bondage, S&M, or other fetish stuff, there are dating sites that are for people like that too. Believe it or not, there are even dating sites for "chubby chasers," or men who are into large women, that have become quite popular on the internet.

But outside the dating websites, there are other options available too. Chat rooms can be great places to meet women, but you have to be diligent about making sure 1.) the woman is really a woman (there are actually men who like to pretend to be women online. Creepy), and 2.) they are attractive and worth your time. The best way to make sure of this is to have a webcam on your computer and only interact with others who have webcams. Of course, this limits your choices because most people don't have webcams. At the very least, always ask for a picture.

Better than chat rooms are message boards. Find a topic you're interested in, start posting on a message board, and see if there are any women on there who seem interesting. Then, email them privately.

Blogging (ie: updating a personal web log, or online diary) is also becoming a great way to meet women as well. Community blog sites, such as Friendster and MySpace have an incredible amount of beautiful women on there because the sites are free, and they allow you to show off pictures and meet new people easily.

Having your own blog about particular subjects is good too, because it can attract others of similar interests. Lots of women on the internet have started steamy sex blogs, where they write anonymously about their various sexual experiences and thoughts about love and romance, and they actively read other's writings about the same subject. Joining blog services such as Typepad that has its own webrings can be a good way to meet women, as well as free blogging services such as Blogger. You can also refer new people you meet to your blog as well.

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