The Art Of Storytelling

Approaching a woman is only a small part of the over-all game when it comes to dating and seduction. Once you successfully open your target, you need someplace to take the interaction so that it doesn't stall out.

Obviously, having three good openers in your back pocket will get you started and should kindle a nice conversation. But once that happens, now what?

Well, it's time to actually TALK to the girl.

Most guys shouldn't have a problem with this, after all, starting the conversation is the hard part. But still, there are many men out there who don't quite know where to go once they're successfully "in." This is where storytelling enters the scene.

If you've ever had the opportunity to see a guy who's good with women in action, you'll notice that he does a lot of talking. In fact, he will regale his audience with story after story that ranges from amusing, to entertaining, to passionate, to sexy. He's got a story for everything, and you sit there in rapt attention as he tells it.

The thing is, being able to tell a good story is IMPERATIVE in not only keeping the conversation going, but also in helping you to attract your target and create a sense of comfort and connection with them.

If there's one thing you learn from this book that can help you in pretty much any social situation, it's this skill.

See, we humans are a naturally captive audience when it comes to stories. In the olden times, history was passed down by the village elder by stories. Bards would sing of fantastic tales. And now, we have movies and television that offer us stories 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Everyone in the world is hungry for stories to entertain and enrapture them.

When you are one of the people who is able to tell amazing stories, you will find that your ability to influence people and capture their imaginations drastically increases. And once you have someone's imagination, you can lead them to do anything you want them to - and that includes getting them into bed!

Now are you seeing the possibilities?

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