One thing I want to introduce with an Opinion Opener is the idea of a "Preface."

Basically, a Preface is something that goes before the Opener you are about to use that sets the stage for how your target is going to interact with you.

For the Opinion opener, you almost always want to introduce it with an Intruder and a Preface.

For example:

"Hey guys, I need an opinion on something."

When you start the interaction with a Preface that requires someone to give their opinion, it engages your target and lets them know right up front what you want from them.

But it also throws them off the scent of your real intentions, which may be to get a date, or a phone number, or what have you. You can even preface it even further by tailoring the Preface to your target by adding in the word "female" into it.

For example:

"Hey guys, I need a female opinion on something."

This is even more powerful because it gives a reason for approaching women to begin with, because a female opinion is needed, as opposed to an opinion any joe schmoe could give you.

But this also engages your target's femininity, which has those subtle sexual undertones we've talked about before.

Anyway, the structure of the Opinion Opener itself has to do with setting up a situation that has many options, listing those options, then engaging your target's thoughts and feelings on those options.

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