Storytelling Mannerisms

Storytelling Mannerisms are about how you use your body language and voice when telling a story. This goes hand-in-hand with the Confidence, Conviction, and Energy I talked about earlier.

If you look at the best storytellers out there, they will use their entire body to tell a story. Their actions and their voice communicate action, emotion, and feeling that has a definite effect on their audience.

For instance, when it comes to your voice, be sure to speak clearly and loud enough for your audience to hear you. Remember, if your audience can't hear your story, they're not going to get caught-up in it!

If you can, use different voices while you're telling your tale to really drive home the visceral aspect of your story. If there's a stupid character, talk in a stupid voice. If there's a female character, talk in a high-pitched voice. If a character gets mad, talk angrily. If a character is breathlessly in love, talk that way too.

Remember, the way you communicate with others will determine how they feel.

By the same token, your eyes should be complimenting your voice. Keep eye contact with the person you're telling the story to. Let your eyes grow wide with surprise when a sudden twist in your story takes place. Have your eyes narrow when one of your characters becomes suspicious. Leer at your target seductively when one of your characters is trying to seduce someone.

Use your hands and your body to accentuate your words. If there's a car crash in your story, slap your hands together when you say "BOOM!" If a character receives a standing ovation in your story, clap. If a character is antsy or flipping out, jump up and down in your seat.

What I'm trying to communicate to you is this: You must become an actor when telling your story.

Using mannerisms such as facial expressions and gestures help suck people into your story because you, yourself, are getting sucked into your story as you act it out. Nothing can be more intoxicating when you see someone fall into their own story so deep, that they actually become the characters they're talking about.

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