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Okay, so far you know what you want, you know where to find it, you know what image will help you get what you want, and you've tailored your image to that. Now comes the most important step to perform before going out to meet women.

Believing you can do it!

I am a big fan of the power of belief. I think that if someone believes they can accomplish something, they will. The same is true when it comes to meeting women.

Too often, guys take themselves out of the game before they even get a chance to play. They take one look at a woman and think "She's so beautiful! She must be out of my league. I could never get a girl like that."

Their belief is that they're not good enough to get what they want!

Can you imagine going through life with that belief? What if you were starving, and you saw a big, fat, juicy hamburger with a side of fries on the table before you. Would you say to yourself "That burger looks and smells soooooo good! There's no way I could eat it. I'm too hungry to eat that beautiful hamburger."

Doesn't make sense does it? But guess what: if you believe that you're too hungry to eat that big, juicy, delicious hamburger, you're not going to eat it!

That's how powerful belief is.

You need to make yourself believe that you can achieve your goal of getting a beautiful woman that will suit what you're looking for. And you have to believe that she will want you as much as you want her! Otherwise, you're in for a lonely, lonely lifetime.

One thing I will do before I go out to meet women is look in the mirror and psyche myself up. I learned to do this before sporting events, as most athletes do. The difference between a good athlete and a great athlete is his belief in his ability to win. So I'll look in the mirror and say things like:

• You're going to meet a girl you like today.

• You're going to get her, it's just a matter of time.

And various other things. Just say each affirmation for twenty seconds, looking yourself in the eye, in the mirror. Imagine meeting beautiful women, having good times with them, and getting what you set out to get - sex, love, romance, relationships - whatever!

This is what's called "Practicing Success."

If you practice success, you will succeed! Because you're training yourself to receive exactly what it is you want.

And you can do this anytime you want. When you're board, when you're driving in the car, when you're waiting in line, when you're on your break from work - whenever. The more you practice, the more ready you'll be to get what it is you want.

Remember that Kevin Costner movie "Field of Dreams?" Build it, and they will come? Well guess what: BELIEVE it, and you will achieve!

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