Once you know how you want to tailor your image, it's time for you to cultivate it. This means you gotta put some money forth. Now, if you're a guy like me, you HATE to go clothes shopping! Not only can it be expensive, but it can be a real pain in the butt!!!

However, putting the time and effort in now will pay off later when you got the girl of your dreams in your arms!

Now that you know what image you want to have, you'll have to pick the right store to shop at. Different stores cater to different styles, and different bank accounts. Clothing is a mix-and-match game, where sometimes you have to piece together outfit from many sources. But typically, you want a set of clothes to have a certain theme.

For instance, if you work at an office, you want to project a professional image, so all your clothes for the office might be nice, dark suits with monochrome shirts and flashy ties. But when you go out to concerts, maybe you have a bunch of ripped pants and faded vintage T-shirts.

Different environments call for different types of dress.

I believe that we all have different personas in different areas of our lives. Maybe at the workplace, you're a vicious shark who no one wants to mess with because you really know your stuff and you're an expert at what you do. That's your "work" persona. But when you go home to visit mom and dad, you're quiet and you do what you're told because you don't want to fight with your parents. That's your "son" persona.

We all do this, depending on how comfortable or confident we are in different situations. Your type of dress will determine how strong your persona is.

When you do go shopping for clothes, here's some advice for you. Take your time! Make sure you're not rushed, because you're making an investment in your future. You need to try on the clothes, see how they look, get opinions from the store clerks (don't be afraid to ask them what they think or their advice on what to get).

If you're looking for good, trendy clothes that will work in almost any situation, and won't totally drain your bank account, I suggest going to your local Banana Republic store. You can usually find these stores in the mall across America. They make great clothes, and their sales are fantastic. I never buy anything there that isn't on sale because their stuff can be expensive. But the sale items are just as good of quality as the regular items, only cheaper!

If you're looking to go for the rock and roll/gothic appearance, there are lots of routes you can go. The biggest store that caters to this look is called Hot Topic. You can find these stores in most malls. They sell all sorts of shirts and accessories that go well with this image.

In tandem with that, thrift stores, such as your local Goodwill Store, are good for that and a lot of different looks. Not only are these stores dirt cheap, but you can find hidden gems here, such as vintage t-shirts and the like. Stores like this are very popular with the more "arty" crowd.

If you're overweight, Casual Male has a great selection of clothes to fit bigger guys, and their clothes range from professional to really, really cool. Because I, myself, am overweight and find a hard time finding pants that fit well in the normal stores, I often go to Casual Male and buy jeans and other pants. Their selection of suits for big guys is really good as well.

The internet is also a great place to find really good clothes. There are tons of websites out there that feature their products and will ship them right to your home, and a lot of times they got great discounts too.

Cheaper outlets like Wallmart, K-Mart, and Target have nice casual clothes, but I wouldn't recommend going there to find clothes to attract women (though going there to meet women is a different story!).

In addition to your clothes, pay attention to your grooming and hygiene too. Take care of your teeth by brushing at least twice a day and flossing. Try to shower at least once a day to stay clean and fresh (and make sure to wash your nether-regions! You never know when you might need to use them!!!). Take care of your skin and watch your diet. If you can, work out regularly. Thirty minutes a day three times a week is bare minimum for getting healthy. Remember: muscles on men are like breasts on women. The bigger they are, the more attention you'll get.

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