Now that you know what you want, and where to find it, it's time to look at what you'll be presenting the world. Namely - YOU!

Let's face it, certain types of women are attracted to certain types of men. Depending on how you look, you will attract a certain type of girl.

Notice, I'm not talking about your physical looks here. We can't control how good looking or ugly we are physically. But we CAN control our appearance. This includes our hairstyle, our skin, our facial hair, our weight, and our clothing. We can groom ourselves to project a certain image that will attract the women we're after.

Let's take an example of this. Let's say I want to attract a stripper, and strippers are all I want to date for the rest of my life. Now, I know from experience that strippers are very easily attracted to "Rock and Roll" types. This doesn't mean you can't date strippers if you like to wear suits or simple t-shirts and jeans. But if you grow your hair long, have tattoos, smoke cigarettes, and like to wear a lot of black clothing with chains attached, you're going to have an advantage approaching strippers because they typically like that type of man.

So now that you know what you want, figure out what the woman you're after wants, and tailor your image to suit that. It will make your job much, much easier when it comes time to meet them.

But regardless of your image, you should always make an effort to look your best. Things like showering, brushing your teeth, and working out regularly go a long way not only in attracting women, but in your general sense of health. Always try to look your best whenever you're going out in public, because you just never know when that girl you're looking for will be there.

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