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Any major events, such as Sporting events or Concert and Theater events, can be a great place to meet women. While the event is going on, it may not be very convenient to meet them, because everyone's attention will be on the major action of the event. But whenever you're standing in line, or during a break, or whenever there's a lull in the action, that's a good time to meet someone new.

You also know that you have a common thing to start talking to the girl about. For instance, if you're at a Baseball game, you can ask what team she's rooting for, and go from there.

Whenever these special events let out, that's a great time to meet people, because a lot of women will be riding the high of the event and looking for something to do. At the very least, bars and restaurants in the surrounding area will be packed and ripe for the picking.

Oddly enough, events like horseracing are great places to meet women. In a horse race, all the action takes place in just a few minutes, with half-hour intervals between races where you're free to meet all sorts of people and have friendly interactions with strangers. The same is true of events like NASCAR as well.

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Healthy Dating and Relationships

Healthy Dating and Relationships

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