Roleplay Opener

When you go to a movie, you see actors up on screen playing a role.

It can be any role they are given - a nun, a wife, a mother, a whore, a rock star, a marine - the possibilities are endless.

But many people might not realize that you don't have to be in a movie to play a certain role.

We all have an acting streak in us, and we all play different roles in our lives. When you're at work, you're an employee. When you're with your parent's you're their son or daughter. When you're playing football, you're a tight end, or any other position you may play.

But regardless of what that is, you are cast in a role.

Part of using Roleplay Openers is to cast the people you're Opening in a certain roll, a roll which has the characteristics you want them to have.

The theory behind this is the person who you cast will eventually start displaying characteristics of that role you gave them.

So if you cast yourself as a rockstar and your target as your groupie, you can certainly see the possibilities of this type of Opener, right?

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