Intruders work for single targets, but they also work well for groups.

When approaching a group, it is usually best (and more natural) to add a plural of some sort to the Intruder you are using.

The exception to this is when you use the Intruder "Stop," because "Stop" can be used for one person or a thousand people, and it carries the same meaning.

A good plural to use with Intruders is the word "guys."

Approaching a group with the Intruder "Hi guys," "Hey guys," or "Yo guys," will help you infiltrate the group bubble they've created.

The word "there" is also effective, and can be used for single or group targets. "Hi there," and "Hey there," will get you good effect. Other plurals you can use are "dudes," "fellas," "people," etc.

Some plurals you will want to avoid when using Intruders is "girls," or "ladies" when approaching women you desire. Both of these immediately point out the sexual difference between them and you, and telegraph your intent, which could cause the girl's to raise their defenses.

Obviously, you CAN use both these plurals and succeed, but it'll make your job harder. A danger using these types of plurals is that you can also come off sounding cheesy or sleazy, depending on how you deliver them. It's best to keep neutral when Intruding upon someone's personal bubble.

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