My all-time favorite place to meet women is at parties. Parties are good because there's usually a good social-circle contact involved. After all, unless you crash a party, you're going to know SOMEONE there, right? That gives you an "in" with pretty much anybody at the party.

Let's face the facts - most women meet their boyfriends through mutual friends. Friends invite you to parties. So when you're at parties, the girls you meet will be friendly because you usually know the same people, and that breaks down a number of their protective shields right off the bat.

Plus, when a woman is surrounded by familiar people, she's more apt to cut loose and have a good time, which means she's more open to meeting people. I always have a good time at parties because not only do I get to have a good time with my friends, but I get to meet all types of women who are looking to have fun!

The best parties are the ones that occur on holidays. New Years parties are legendary for their sexual escapades. Halloween parties are also excellent, because that's a night where people get to become different characters and that tends to make them lose their inhibitions (and if a woman's dressing in a sexy Halloween costume, you know she's looking to hook up!). If you want to get REALLY sneaky, throw your own Valentine's Day Party (or Anti-Valentine's Day Party) and invite all your friends and have them invite their friends. Invariably, women who are looking for romance around that type of year will show up.

Body Language

Body Language

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