Opinion Opener

Opinion Openers are, for my money, the best type of Openers out there.

This is because these types of Openers are engaging, do not telegraph interest, and can lead to some really great conversations.

The best way to engage someone for the first time is by asking their opinion on something.

When doing so, you are able to get them to invest their own personal thoughts and feelings into your burgeoning conversation.

And once that's invested, they are more likely to commit themselves to the interaction.

A good Opinion Opener can be anything that does not telegraph interest, while presenting options to your target that helps to encourage them to give and expand upon their opinion.

I first learned Opinion Openers from a good friend of mine, Tyler D., who learned them from one of his friends who goes by the nickname "Style." (hey, it's an internet thing, what can I say?)

Tyler teaches live, in field workshops where he actually takes guys out to bars and clubs and teaches them to interact with women using all types of Openers, the Opinion Opener being one of the most popular. In fact, his techniques at picking up women are so effective, that Rolling Stone Magazine took notice and profiled him!

Talk about recognition!

Body Language Basics

Body Language Basics

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