Never make anything easy for your characters. The best stories always have obstacles that the main character must overcome to get what he wants. Your stories should be no different.

If you're telling a true story, try to think about all the obstacles that kept you from getting what you wanted.

For instance, let's say you had to get to the video store before it closed to return a movie that you didn't want to pay a late fee on. Here are some obstacles that might have hindered you from achieving your goal:

• You couldn't find the video in your house

• Your watch was wrong, so you actually had less time than you thought

• You didn't have enough gas in your car to drive to the video store

• There was a traffic jam on your way there

• They were getting ready to close the store just as you drove up

People love to hear about how others overcome obstacles. That's what determines who is a hero and who isn't. The hero's of old overcame great obstacles, like monsters, natural disasters, and evil villains. In each case, it seemed like the obstacles were insurmountable! But somehow, the hero found a way to overcome them.

By the same token, you can seem like a hero too if what you faced on your way to the video store seemed impossible to overcome. It might not be on the same epic scale as the heroes of old, but that doesn't mean people won't see you as a man of action!

When crafting your own stories, always be sure to include as many obstacles as you can in them. Nothing gets people more excited than when a main character seems to do the impossible.

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