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Eventually, you'll want to start adding in the other two Openers you memorized into your interactions.

If you observe that the target you opened is responsive, use your next opener on them to keep the conversation going. Get to the point where you can use all three openers with a target.

This is called "Stacking Openers," because you're building a conversation by laying a new Opener on top of the responses of an old one. If you look at all conversations, it's just one Opener after another.

Conceivably, if you know enough Openers, you can hold conversations with people for hours.

You'll also want to get comfortable talking with people longer and longer. This is how friendships and even relationships are formed, as people get to know one another.

The more people you approach, the easier it will get (though the first three approaches of the day will still always be somewhat difficult). Try upping your approach goals up to a minimum of 12 a night, and get to the point where you can go out maybe 4 nights a week.

Another thing you'll want to incorporate into your Bootcamp Goals is the idea of "Short Set Method "

A "Set" can be defined as any interaction you have with a person or group of people throughout the course of the night. When you do "Short Sets," your goal is to Open as many groups as you can, engage them quickly, and then leave.

The idea behind this is that once you have Opened a target, it's easier to come back and re-Open them, because they already know you to a certain extent. And when people see you talking to a lot of other people and having a good time, they're more open to having a good time with you!

So when you do Short Sets, you are engaging the greatest number of people in the smallest amount of time possible, and creating numerous opportunities for yourself to meet the kind of girl you'd want to get to know better.

Eventually, you'll get to a point where talking to strangers is normal and easy for you to do.

You may want to continue to build your social skillset by memorizing interesting stories to entertain your targets.

There are lots of other great materials out there that can help you to do this, and you may even find it easier than when you had to learn how to approach!

Regardless, once Bootcamp is over, you'll be a changed man.

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