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Schools, colleges, universities and other educational establishments are GOLDMINES of women. This is largely because they are full of young, single women making their first foray attempts at mate selection.

Community colleges are especially good, because for some reason the women at community colleges are just easier than women at expensive colleges. Hanging out on campus, in the library, student union, cafeteria, etc. can wield great results. If you're young enough, you can pretend to be a student. If you're older, you can say that you used to go to this school and you were just re-visiting the campus. Of course, you could also always sign up for classes (such as extension classes or evening classes) and meet women that way.

Schools are great to go to during the daytime because that's when the students are there. At night, it's time to move to other venues, unless it's a university that has events like concerts or theater going on.

Places like this are particularly conducive to meeting women because the shared lifestyle and concerns of students and the informal atmosphere make it easy to initiate conversation with each other. You have a great deal in common simply by being students at the same school and don't need to struggle to find topics of mutual interest to talk about.

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