How To Touch A Woman

Don't be afraid to touch women you're talking to in order to help strengthen the comfort and connection you're building with her. Subtly touching her on the forearm or shoulder when you start to tell her something new can do wonders. If she starts to touch you back, she is signaling that she feels comfortable enough to invade your personal space.

Depending on where you touch a woman, she's going to signal how comfortable she is with you. Typically, the hand, wrist, forearms, shoulders, and knee are the "low risk" zones. They're areas of a woman's body you can touch to initiate contact with her.

The next step up from that is the elbow, the waist, the thighs, the hips, and the back. This is slightly more intrusive and requires greater comfort on the woman's part to allow you to touch there without her retreating.

Finally, there's the face, neck, inner thigh, and chest area. You can only successfully touch a woman in these areas if she is completely comfortable with you. Typically, if you notice you can touch these areas without the girl retreating or reacting badly, she is ready to be kissed.

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