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The old saying is "Actions Speak Louder Then Words," and nothing could be more true. If you can learn how to read what a woman's body tells you, you will always know which women are interested and open to your advances, and which women you're wasting your time with.

These body language cues are what I like to call "Approach Invitations." They're gestures that signal a willingness and openness to talk to you. They can also be strong indicators of attraction, so keep your eyes open for them, you'll know what you're doing is working!

Basically, approach invitations are the same for both sexes (after all, we're more alike than we sometimes like to give ourselves credit for!), but here's a short list of common Approach Invitations to be on the lookout for:

• Touching the hair

• Smoothing the clothing

• Foot and body pointing towards you

• Extended intimate gaze

• Increasing eye contact

Another big thing to note is that excited interest and attraction causes pupil dilation and a flushed appearance in the cheeks, so when talking to a woman, always note what her eyes are doing. The more the pupils are dilated, the more attraction she is experiencing! Pupil dilation is always a big indicator of interest because women have ABSOLUTELY NO CONTROL over it! It's an unconscious bodily response to stimuli that they can't control. Now, keep in mind, if it's dark or she's under the influence of drugs, her pupils will naturally dilate. But all things being equal, this is a great sign to look for. We'll go more into pupil dilation later on.

Another big sign is the Head Toss. This is when the head is flicked to toss her hair back over her shoulders or away from her face. You've seen this type of action in pretty much every shampoo commercial ever made. The funny thing is, even women with short hair do this! So keep an eye out for the tried and true head toss.

Another sign of attraction is when a woman exposes her wrists to you. A woman will gradually expose the soft, smooth skin of her wrists towards men she is attracted to. Why this is, I don't know. Maybe it's because the skin around the wrists is thin and therefore highly erotic and sensitive. This also exposes the palms of the hands, which is an "accepting" gesture, like she's offering you to take her by the hand and lead her into the bedroom. You'll often see this signal with woman who smoke. Watch their wrists. If they expose their wrists to you while she's holding her cigarette, she's telling you something!

This next one should be pretty obvious. OPEN LEGS! If a woman's legs are open towards you, guess what - that's a pretty big "GO" signal. Now, don't expect a woman to go full spread-eagle on you when giving you this signal. Usually it's very subtle, like if she uncrosses her legs to expose a slight gap.

Look at a woman's hips when she walks as well. The hips naturally have an accentuated roll to them when walking. This is nature's way of highlighting a woman's pelvic region. If a woman is walking with an obvious roll of the hips, she's signaling something to every man in eyeshot - she's looking for a guy to sweep her off her feet!

The sideways glance is another fantastic approach invitation. Its kind-of like a "peek-a-boo" motion. This is when a woman will hold a man's gaze just long enough for him to notice, then looks away. This is a typical flirting look, and she may do it numerous times, as if she's seeing if you're going to come talk to her or not. Watch out for the sideways glance that occurs over a raised shoulder! When she's almost turning around to face you, that's a sure sign she wants to talk to you!!!

Pay close attention to a woman's mouth, and you will get a good idea if she's open to your advances. A slightly open mouth with wet, glistening lips is a definite sign a woman is open to being approached. It gives off a distinct sexual invitation. Pay attention to whether or not a woman licks her lips while taking to you, and you'll know she's getting aroused.

Look at what her hands are doing as well. Women who fondle cylindrical objects, such as cigarettes, fingers, drinking glasses, and a number of other thin objects, are signaling an unconscious indication of what they may have in mind.

One of the biggest signals to look for is how women cross their legs when they sit. If you look at how guys sit, we will often sit with our legs apart, displaying our crotch for all to see, because we're always open for business! But when women cross their legs, it's a gesture of protection for their genital area. When women position their legs in ways that make their genitals more vulnerable, you have a major GO signal.

The first big leg cross signal is the knee point. This is when one leg is crossed under another, taking the shape of an upside-down "L," where the knee of the leg that's tucked in points at the person the girl is interested in. This knee point position is a relaxed one that you'll see girls use often.

When a woman crosses her legs and presses one leg firmly against another, so that the calf of her crossed leg is pressed against her other leg, this gives the impression of high muscle tone in the legs, and can drive some men crazy at the sight of it. In this position, women are also able to expose more of their thigh, which is meant to communicate sexuality.

If a woman is playing with her shoe or gently stroking her thigh while her legs are crossed, this can be an indication of interest as well. Both actions are meant to call attention to her legs (and by the same token, her genital area). Also, notice if she crosses her legs slowly in front of you. This is a major signal that she wants you to notice what's between there!

Remember the golden rule of picking up women: PAY ATTENTION! Keep your eyes peeled for the gestures and signals women who are open to meeting you give off. It will make your job a million times easier!

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