Group Approaches

There's a secret many people might not know about approaching.

It's a secret so few people know about, because so few people do it.

But once you know this secret, your ability to meet any woman, any time, anywhere you may want will literally skyrocket!

This was a secret that was hidden from me for many, many years, and it was not until someone shared it with me that I was able to have the kind of successful interactions with women that I've always dreamed of.

So you wanna know what it is?

It's pretty simple.

In fact, it's so simple that you may in fact KICK yourself for not knowing it already.

So you ready for it?

Okay, hold on, because here it comes:

Approaching groups of people is easier than approaching people who are by themselves!

Is your mind blown yet? I know mine was when I was first told this.

It seems unnatural - you would THINK that a group would be harder to approach then someone who's by themselves.

However, this is not the case.

The reason for this is that old maxim - There's safety in numbers.

When people are by themselves, their guards are up. They feel more vulnerable, and so are more resistant to people outside their established social circles.

But when they are already IN those social circles, they feel safe, and their guard actually goes down, making them MORE open to meeting people outside their already established friends.

So if you know how to approach groups of people, your success with interacting with women will increase exponentially.

Group approaches are especially important to know in Bars, Clubs, and Parties. In these venues, people tend to go out with their friends looking to have a good time. You will very rarely find a girl in these places who is by herself.

So if you hope to be successful in these social venues, you MUST know how to approach groups of people (and when I say groups of PEOPLE, that's what I mean. These groups can be either all women, or women and men).

This is where Group Theory comes into play.

I learned Group Theory from my friend and teacher Erik von Markovik, the world-famous pick-up artist who's been featured in such publications as The New York Times.

Erik is an Illusionist who goes by his stage name "Mystery." Mystery (as Erik prefers to be called) developed a very effective means of approaching groups of people in any venue, which he learned in his days doing street magic.

He has dubbed this technique Group Theory.

I'll go over some basics I've perfected here, but if you really want to get detailed information on how to do this, I suggest you take a seminar with Mystery so you can learn these tactics from one of the best there is. You can find out all about Mystery and his method of approaching women at

The basics of Group Approaching is very simple. There are two categories of people in every group:

1. Your target

2. Your obstacles

Your target is, of course, the person you wish to get alone eventually so you can begin forming a relationship with them. Your obstacles are anyone in the group who could keep you from doing that.

The first thing to keep in mind once you have determined who your target is and who your obstacles are is this:

You never approach your target first!

Remember earlier how we talked about the danger of telegraphing interest? Well, in group situations, it is even more counterproductive to telegraph interest, because not only will your target put up resistance, but her friends will aid her in that resistance.

So you want to throw off this resistance by Opening one of your obstacles.

If you have a group of two people, this is the easiest. You simply Open the person who is not your target.

But when you get groups of three or more people, things get a little more complicated. Which obstacle do you Open?

The truth is, you can Open any obstacle you want.

But the most effective way to Open the group is to approach the "leader" of the group first.

In every group, there is usually someone who takes charge and leads the group in its decision making. You can always tell who the leader is because it's usually one of two kinds of people:

1. A very assertive and outgoing woman

For instance, if you see two girls walking through a club, and they're holding hands as they make their way through the crowd, the girl taking the lead will be the leader.

By contrast, in a group of three or more women, the one talking the most or the loudest is usually the leader.

In groups with men in them, they are, by default, the "leaders," simply by contrast between the sexes. In this case, you don't have to figure out who the most "Alpha" of the guys are and open him first, the opening of any guy in the group will do.

If your target is the leader of your group, don't open her right away. Open one of your obstacles and let the leader engage you, then turn your attention to her.

The reason you want to try and Open the leader of a group is because the Leader is your biggest obstacle.

If they decide the group should do something else other than talk to you, the group is going to do that and your conversation is going to die a quick and painful death.

Once you have Opened the leader, make an attempt to engage each one of the other obstacles in the group. Tell the group a funny story, show them you're a cool guy, entertain them, befriend them.

Once the group accepts you, turn your attention to your target.

You want to get to your target last, because not only will that deter any notion that you're overtly interested in them, but once the group accepts you, your target will be forced to accept you without resistance, because you already won over her peer group.

This is what Mystery likes to call "social proof," which is when you raise your perceived social value by showing that other people find you valuable in some way.

So to break down the strategy for group approaches:

1. Find a Group to Approach

2. Determine who your Target is

3. Determine who your Obstacles are

4. Determine who the Leader is

5. Approach the Leader or the Obstacles

6. Open the Leader or the Obstacles

7. Become accepted by the Group

8. Open your Target

When you have the ability to Open groups of people, your social interactions will become more numerous, because of the fact that most people travel in groups.

This is the most important skill to acquire if you want to be able to meet the woman of your dreams no matter where you may be!

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