--The "Gas" Opener

I've used this one at gas stations with some success.

Occasionally, while you're fueling up your car, you'll see a rather attractive woman doing so nearby.

If this is the situation, I'll see how much she's spending on gas. If it looks like she's filling up her tank, I'll usually call out:

"Hey, you know, you should never let your gas gauge fall below H of a tank. All sorts of dirt and grime accumulate at the bottom of your gas tank, and if you go past the H mark, you are putting all that dirt and grime into your engine. It'll save you lots of money in the long run on car repairs. Do you know a lot about cars?"

This is actually good advice when it comes to vehicle maintenance, and most women don't know this little trick.

If you notice, I take a read on the situation, offer this advice, and then engage the girl by asking her about her knowledge of cars. Most of the time, women won't know a lot about the subject.

But this gives you the opportunity to segue into something they do know a lot about, and BOOM! You've got a conversation going. Notice that this piece of advice is also something the woman can realistically do, so it's not worthless advice.

That's the real key to making Advice Openers work.

--The "Cheer Up" Opener

This one works well if you see a girl who's by herself either waiting, looking bored, or has a frown on her face. Simply walk to her, point, and say.

"Hey, cheer up! Things can't get much worse!"

This will usually get a laugh or a smile. You can then segue into this follow-up.

"You know it takes fewer muscles to smile than it does to frown? Why do you think that is?"

From here you can talk about the difference between being happy and being sad, or any number of other things. But this is a good Opener to use because it's quite positive and energetic.

When in doubt, you can never go wrong by advising someone to smile!

--The "Closed-Off" Opener

This Opener works well when you see a woman standing around with her arms crossed. Approach her and say.

"Hey, is everything all right? You looks so closed-off with your arms crossed liked that! If you uncross them you'll look so much friendlier!"

This'll get them to uncross their arms. This is a neat little body-language trick, because once your target's body language is corrected, their attitude will follow and they will become more open to conversation. Just have a story ready or stack another Opener on top of this one, because even though this bit of advice Opens, there's not many places you can go with it conversation-wise.

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