--The "Sex and the City" Opener

This is based on the HBO television show "Sex and the City."

This show is no longer on TV, but it has become such a part of the American lexicon, and it was such a popular show among women, that I'm convinced it will take some time for this type of Opener to become ineffective.

This is how it goes:

(Walk up to a group of three or four women)"Oh my God, you guys are so Sex and the City, it's not even funny!

You are totally the Red Head, Miranda. you look sweet and innocent so you're Charlette, you're the leader so you're Carrie, and you (point to target) you're Samantha.

It's great, when I'm not around you guys can all talk about me. Miranda here can talk about how you're better off without me, Charlette can talk about how you should marry me, and Samantha here can spend the whole time thinking about how she can steal me away from you."

So there are a few things to keep in mind here.

First of all, you don't want to cast your target as "Carrie," the main character of the show.

You want to cast your target as "Samantha," because that was the character who was the most sexual and adventurous of the group.

This also goes towards telegraphing disinterest because your character, Mr. Big, was Carrie's main love interest in the show, so you disqualify yourself from your target.

However, you undermine this by setting the stage that your target wants you and is plotting to steal you away. Just be sure that you cast one of the girl's as Carrie, your target as Samantha, and you as Mr. Big.

From here, you can do all sorts of things, like make fun of your target for being so promiscuous and trying to steal you away from your true love.

If the girls disagree with your casting of their roles, roll with it, but make sure that whoever your target ends up being, they want to run off with you!

--The "Starsky and Hutch" Opener

This Opener is named after the 70's TV show "Starsky and Hutch," which was a buddy cop drama that was turned into a rather funny movie. It works best with a group of two women.

(Walk up to the group)"Wow, you guys are so Starsky and Hutch!

(Point to Obstacle)You are so Starsky because you look like the type who does everything by the book.

And you, you're Hutch because you're the loose cannon who plays by her own rules.

Guess who I am.

Huggy Bear, of course!

It'll be great, you guys can run around getting in adventures, and when you get in trouble, I have to come in and save the day."

By casting yourself as Huggy Bear, you're presenting yourself as a cool, funny, pimp (which carries all sorts of connotations to begin with!). But by casting your target as Hutch, the loose cannon, you instantly relate your target to your Pimp image rather than your obstacle whom you paint as "stuck up and prissy."

You can even go on and talk about all the adventures you guys will be getting into fighting crime and whatnot.

--The "Fan Club" Opener

This is one where you paint your target as your ultimate fan who borderlines on stalking you. This works best for women who are by themselves, or when you've isolated a woman into talking to you by herself.

You: "Hey, you like music?"

You: "I've always wanted to be a musician. What kind of music you like?"

Her: blah, blah

You: "Yeah, me too! I'd be the most famous <her favorite type of music> musician ever! And you, you can be the president of my fan club. It'd be great. You could follow me around asking for my autograph, tell everyone how sexy I am, and no matter what I do, you can act like it's the greatest thing you've ever seen! But the minute you start following me to my home and asking to have my baby is the minute I have to fire you, so you better be good and just admire me from afar."

You can create variations of this opener to be a "movie" star or a "sports" star or what have you, but you basically want to cast yourself as someone of immense value, and your target as someone who is obsessed with you. It's a fun way to instantly create interest within your target.

Even if she doesn't go along with it, it'll set the stage for further interactions.

--The "Goldfish" Opener

This Opener works well with girls who are dancing, but not quite on the dance floor.

Basically, you see a girl and her friends gyrating off by themselves, and take the opportunity to walk up to them and say:

"You guys are so cute! You're dancing around like little goldfish flopping out of water! Ha ha ha. Here, stand back, stand back, let me show you all how it's done!"

And then proceed to do the Macarena, or some other lame dance. It'll have the girls laughing and having a good time.

This is a great Opener because you cast them as bad dancers and yourself as an authority, and then you undermine that and put everyone on the same playing field in a fun way that really engages the girls.

Any girl who may be offended at you making fun of the way they dance lightens up after they see you doing your lame strutting around on the dance floor.

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