Here are a few examples of good, solid Joke Openers.

--The "Good-LookingPeople" Opener

This Opener works well if you're not a "conventionally" good looking person and your target is quite good looking.

This is also best to use in low-key settings with solitary targets (for example, standing in line).

Basically, you walk up to your target, and say the following.

(Shake your head in an exasperated way) "Hey, let me tell you something about good looking people. we're not well liked."

You may have a delayed reaction from this one, but once people get the joke, you're value will be raised in their eyes because it's "smart humor."

And the fact that your target got the joke will make them feel like they are on your level of intelligence, which will help validate them and open them up for further conversation.

--The "Gay Cow" Opener

This Opener is very effective on groups, and I have used it to open numerous groups of women with great success. It's typical "girl humor," and is most effective on groups made up of all girls.

"Hey guys, what do gay cows eat?" (after they respond, twirl your finger in the air, and in your best gay voice, say) "Haaaaayyyyyy!"

Girls will never fail to crack up at this one. It works great at parties and club/bar environments.

--The "Keg" Opener

The "Keg" refers to a "Keg of Beer." I used to use this Opener in college with great success. It's a rather overly sexual Opener, but if delivered right, the girl will usually laugh. It does walk the line of being a "cheesy pick-up line," however, so you must be in a confident, jokey mood to do it right.

(Walk up to a girl, point at her pants) "Yo, do you got a keg in your pants?" (She'll usually look at you with a blank, confused stare, or respond "No." After this, smile and say jokingly) "'Cause I'd like to tap that ass!"

After this, you can even throw in a "snap" of the fingers or two and move on.

This Opener works best at wild parties where alcohol is prevalent. It's usually most effective on younger party girls, and is great for "short set" method where you bounce from one target to the other.

--The "WannaFight?" Opener

This is a quick and easy Opener that is meant to be used in bars, clubs, and parties where people are out to have a good time. It's similar to the "Keg" Opener in the respect it is meant to be said with the same amount of tongue-and-cheek.

(Walk up to your target with a serious look on your face, scowl, shake your fist, and say)"Wanna fight?" (Get your target's response, or let the question hang for a minute, then smile devilishly and say) "Then we could have make-up sex." (The target will usually laugh. But even if they don't, proceed.) "I'm just kidding. We don't need to fight to do that."

This is a fun one, because the Opener "Wanna fight?" instantly telegraphs you're not serious and that there is a joke implied in your interaction.

Women seem to respond pretty favorably to this Opener, but I haven't had much success with it in less social venues, such as coffee shops and bookstores where women aren't as outgoing.

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