--The "I want to meet you" Opener

This is a relatively simple one. All you do is walk up to your target, smile, and say:

"Hi. I like you. I wanted to meet you. My name is."

Once you've introduced yourself, you can take the conversation anywhere you want to.

--The "Drive-By" Opener

I call this the "Drive-By" because you are adding in a time constraint into the interaction which usually telegraphs an impulsiveness of some sort.

"Hey, I can't talk long, but you seem really cool and I wanted to meet you. My name is."

This is good to use if it looks like your target is in a hurry and doesn't have time to talk.

On the flip side, it's good if YOU'RE in a hurry and really don't have time to talk.

After using this one, you're gonna want to hurry and get her contact information or set up a meeting.

--The "What'syour name" Opener

This is an Opener where you start off by making the girl introduce herself. An Oldie but Goodie.

From here, it's typically best to either introduce yourself in return, launch into a story of some sort, or give her instructions to further your interaction.

You can even stack a few more Direct Openers on this one. For example:

You: "Hi, what's your name?" Her: blah, blah.

You: "I really like you and wanted to meet you. My name is."

--The "Joey from Friends" Opener

I call this the "Joey" Opener because the character Joey on the television show "Friends" popularized this Opener. It's meant to be said jokingly in your best New Jersey accent.

Walk up to a girl, look her over, smile, then say:

Some girls love this because it can be really funny, and if they're a fan of the show, they'll get the humor.

Some might not respond to it, but if that's the case, you can point out they either don't know the joke or aren't a fan of the show.

--The "Leer " Opener

This is a bit of a risky Opener because it's quite overtly sexual and could turn a girl off. But if done with the right attitude and the right context, it can be quite fun.

Basically you want to noticeably walk up to a girl, look her up and down, smile, nod, and say:


The girl will either be flattered and play along, or she'll be offended and creeped out. If the latter is the case, apologize by saying:

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know you were so sensitive. I take it back, I don't find you attractive at all."

If this offends the girl more, trust me, she isn't someone you want to get to know better. But most girls will come around after this one, especially if you do it with a positive, joking attitude.

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