Obviously, every Situational Opener is dependant on the situation you're in, but here are a few common ones I've used in the past to give you an idea of what they are and how to use them.

--The "SARS" Opener

This is an Opener you can use when someone coughs or sneezes. SARS was a deadly virus that caused a big scare in Asia a while back, but it's funny name made it very recognizable.

It's also very simple to use.

After a cough or a sneeze, point at the target and say: "SARS!"

You can really use any exotic or disease with a dumb name with this one. Other variations may be "Mad Cow Disease!" or "Ebola!" or even "Stand back everyone! She may be contagious!" (which is a good follow-up to the Opener, by the way).

Just be sure not to use serious diseases such as AIDS or Cancer, because your target may know someone who suffered or died from the disease.

Also, be careful using the "SARS" Opener with Asian women, as it could be mistaken for being racist.

--The "Desperate Girl" Opener

This is a favorite of mine.

Occasionally, you'll get a girl who will walk up to you and ask you to do her a "favor" or ask you to "help" her in some way. This is usually because she's lost or looking for something.

Anyway, when this occurs, I like to think of her as a girl desperately looking for a man.

Her: "Can you do me a favor?" You: "No, I will not go out with you!"

The point of this is to switch the tables and make it seem like she's the one trying to hit on you. But the response is so unexpected, the girl will usually laugh. Then you can follow it up with:

"Actually, you seem nice enough. I take it back, we can go out. Let's get together at (someplace) at (sometime)."

If she tries to tell you she has a boyfriend or get back to her original question, just respond:

"Why were you hitting on me if you didn't want to go out?"

Obviously, there are a lot of places you can go with this.

--The "Attention Whore" Opener

If there is one thing you can count on, it's girl's cattiness towards other girls. A good way to Open some girls is to engage in such cattiness with them.

For instance, if you see a girl acting outrageously to court attention from other men, such as being overtly sexual or flashing her breasts, simply turn to other women who notice the same thing and say:

"Ugh! What an attention whore!"

Then proceed to gossip with the girls about how inappropriate the other girl is acting.

--The "Crash and Burn" Opener

Inevitably, you will see another man hit on a woman and "Crash and Burn." Or in other words: Fail Miserably.

When this happens, approach his target immediately afterwards and say:

"Okay, honestly, how did he do?"

Girls love this because it gives them a chance to vent about all the lame come-ons people use on them.

Not only that, but it opens the door for a conversation about what WILL work on her.

This is also good because it falsely disqualifies you as a guy who's hitting on her, when the reality is quite the opposite.

--The "Player" Opener

This is an Opener you can use when you see a guy with more than one woman with him.

The idea behind it is that this guy is a real player and needs to share the wealth, and by pointing this out, you also disqualify him from the women he's with.

"Wow, bro. One guy and (X number of) girls? You're making the rest of us look bad! You must be a total Player!"

Then proceed to ask the girls he's with how big of a Player he is.

No matter what they say, they're disqualifying the guy they're with and giving you an opening to engage them.

And the beauty is, you're complimenting the guy, so he can't really get mad at you (and if he does, he looks like a tool).

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