The "Whammy" Opener

This is an e-mail that I like to send out that always Opens girls very well.

I call this the "Whammy" because I get maybe 5 or 6 responses from every 10 I send out with this one.

The trick is, with any e-mail you send out on a dating service, to be light and funny. You may want to come up with your own following the structure I lay out above instead of using this one. Nothing's worse than sending out a letter to find out some girl got the exact same thing from a buddy you shared it with (and this book is sharing this with a lot of guys!).

So here's the Opener:

Hey little miss (insert her screen name here),

Either you're just using that name to hide from the police, or your parent's were awful cruel to you. Anyway, you've probably gotten a few dozen e-mails from losers who are freshly divorced from their 8th wife, have 5 bratty kids, a sexy picture of an overly-hairy back on their profile, and who just got promoted to flipping burgers at McDonalds. Either that, or you're being hit on by the geriatrics who discovered the Internet and Metamucil at that same time and are feeling as virile as a twenty year old.

Well, I'm not going to spend too much time talking about myself, but I'm good looking, muscular, funny, exciting, adventurous, cool, a real man's man -- the kind of man other men want to be, and women want to be with! But most of all, out of everything else, my best trait is. I'm modest. ©

So if you're looking to further your career at McDonalds, or think that Liver Spots are really, really hot, then I'm not the guy for you. But if you want to meet up and have a great time and some great conversation, then we should get together. If you think you can handle it, that is!

Talk soon,

(your name) (your e-mail address)

I usually like to include her screen name in the e-mail because it personalizes it a little bit, but it also helps you keep track of who responds to you.

You also always want to include your personal e-mail address so women who aren't subscribed to the service can e-mail you back if they like your letter.

But if you notice the structure of the e-mail, in the first paragraph, I showed I have an understanding of her reality in a funny way.

The fact is, most internet girls got LOADS of responses from loser men every day. So by making fun of that, she instantly connects with me and what I've written.

In the second paragraph, I create curiosity be talking about myself in an overblown manner, and then undermining it by saying I'm modest.

This'll make women curious to know who I REALLY am.

And in the last paragraph, I issue a challenge.

This is why I think I get so many responses from this e-mail, because I've set up I'm funny and interesting, but I make it sound like she isn't, so now she's got something to prove to me.

And the only way she can do that is to e-mail me back.

You can follow the exact same structure in any e-mail you send out. I'm sure it'll get just as good of results!

--The "Who are You?" Opener

This Opener I use primarily for Instant Messaging. It's quick, easy, and issues a challenge quite nicely.

"Hey, who are you and what are you doing on my computer?"

This'll start up the IM conversation quite nicely.

--The "Dork" Opener

This is another Instant Message Opener that is meant to issue a challenge quickly and get a conversation going.

Calling a girl a Dork is an inherent challenge. Inevitably, they'll try and prove to you they aren't a dork, or argue with you about it. Before you know it, they're in a conversation.

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