--The "Dancer" Opener

This is a good one to use if you've gotten a chance to see a woman walking in some way. Simply approach and say:

"Hey, are you by any chance a dancer? Because you move with such grace and confidence, you have to be professionally trained. Who's your teacher?"

If she says she's not a dancer, follow up with:

"Well, I bet if we get you in a club that's a different story."

Complimenting a girl on the way she moves has a somewhat sexual undertone, but is not overtly sexual. Nor does it telegraph interest on your part.

Noticing the way a woman moves and commenting on it can be quite flattering to any woman, because they're not used to hearing about it.

--The "Walking in Heels" Opener

This is an Opener you can use if a woman is wearing high heels. Walk up to her and say:

You: "How high are those heels?" Her: (answer)

You: "Wow, you know, you really know how to walk in them. Most women are so clumsy and uncoordinated. It's such a lost art. Good to know there are still some women around who know how to do it right. Did you have to go to charm school for that? How'd you learn?"

This is a strong compliment because it implies a certain kind of sophistication on the woman's part. It also exalts her from other women and makes her feel like she stands out from the crowd.

This is another compliment that is subtly sexual, because walking in heels is a very feminine thing to do, and by complimenting her on it, you are really complimenting her on her femininity.

--The "Settle Down" Opener

I like to use this one on girls who are dancing, having fun, and generally being the "life of the party," so to speak.

(Walk up to the girl)"Hey now, you have to settle down. You're making all the other girls look bad! That's not cool."

This is, of course, meant to be said in a joking manner. You are complimenting the girl on outshining all the other girls in the vicinity in a funny way that's not too direct. I have opened a great many successful interactions with this Opener. The best follow up I've found is this:

"But, if you REALLY wanna get everyone jealous, let's show them how it's done!"

And then proceed to dance with them or drag them to the dance floor. --The "Confidence" Opener

You can use this Opener with any girl who seems very assertive or opinionated.

Also, if it looks like the girl knows where she's going or what she's doing, this is a good one to throw at her.

"Wow, you are SO confident! Are you like the CEO of a company or something? Because you act so completely sure of yourself, it's amazing. Do you find that people are often too intimidated to talk to you?"

Women like to be told that they seem strong and confident.

And the thing about people being intimidated to talk to them will often strike a chord with women because, especially if they are beautiful, they might find that people often ARE intimidated by them.

--The "Girly Girl" Opener

This is one to use if your target is very feminine.

What we mean by "girly" is when a girl is almost immature in her femininity. Most young party girls will often act overly "girly."

"Oh my God, you are so GIRLY! You know, most women today think they have to be all tough and macho because of feminism and stuff. It's so great to see there are still girls out there who like being girls."

I like this Opener because you are complimenting her on something that she's probably been made fun of about in the past, and she's probably rather insecure about it.

But like the "Walking in Heels" Opener, this one points out her femininity and encourages it, and therefore has subtle sexual undertones.

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