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Bars and Clubs are always a good stand-by option for places to meet women, but you're going to have the hardest time getting girls in these two venues than you will in any other venue. There are a couple reasons for this.

First, women usually go into bars and clubs with friends. Now, if you read my chapter on Group Theory closely, you shouldn't have a problem with this. However, it does make things harder because girls will go out with boyfriends, husbands, current lovers, etc., or their girlfriends will be very protective of them and will block your efforts at every turn.

Secondly, women's defenses are usually up when they go to these places, because they're usually meat markets. Women will get hit on hundreds of times a night in Bars and Clubs, which means you have to work to differentiate yourself from the common loser who talks to her.

Finally, there is a LOT of competition in Bars and Clubs. This is because other men will go to them looking to pick up a girl for the night. If this doesn't bother you, good, but it can make things more difficult.

So if you're up for a challenge, or just looking to get out and unwind, Bars and Clubs can be good, because it is possible to meet women there and take them home for a good time, or hook up with them down the road. Just note that a great deal of the women you meet in these places will be "Party Girls," and they are the hardest ones to have a stable type of relationship with, so know that going in. They also tend to drink and smoke more than normal girls. However, they can also be a great deal of fun.

If you're into the Bar and Club scene, do your research to find out where the women go on what night. A particular place may be really good on Friday nights, but completely suck on Saturdays. Find out what bars and clubs are in your area, and either call them up, or go to them. Ask the bartender or manager what nights are good. They'll usually tell you.

Bars and Clubs with a "Ladies Night" are good bets, because women will flock there for cheap drinks. Some places have great Happy Hours, and you'll find lots of women there after work or around dinner time. If a bar or a club has a special band or DJ playing one night, that will usually be a good night to go, because popular bands and DJs will usually not only attract good crowds, but will also have fans who follow them from venue to venue (in the case of loud bands, I like to spend my time on the patio or outside the club and talk to the women out there, because it's impossible to meet women when a loud band is playing unless you're apt to dance). Clubs with a dance floor and DJs are good bets too.

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