Conversation Skills

We all talk to other people, unless there's a physical reason we can't, and even then we find ways to communicate. But the basics of being a good conversationalist are important when being able to chat people up.

For instance, knowing how to keep a conversation going. This requires switching topics from time to time once a conversation has run its course. After all, there's only so long you can talk about baseball until it gets boring, right? So have a wealth of things to talk about and throw them out to see what the other person responds to.

Don't dwell on boring topics. If someone is talking about something you find uninteresting, or vice-versa, change the subject to one that is interesting, or funny, or exciting to both of you.

Stay away from negative topics. Don't get wrapped up in rape and murder, or the crap you're going through in your personal life, or anything like that. Don't bother with controversial topics like politics or religion (save that for when you get to know someone better). Stay positive and keep your energy up when you're talking.

Don't just focus on things you want to talk about. Ask questions, and find something interesting about the person you're talking to, and explore who they are. Remember, when all else fails, people (especially women) love to talk about themselves!

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Baseball For Boys

Baseball For Boys

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