Compliment Opener

The compliment is probably the oldest Opener known to man. This is perhaps its greatest weakness.

Because the Compliment Opener has been used so often, it has lost much of its sincerity.

Though, that's not to say women don't love flattery. But what you might find interesting about your target and compliment her on may be something she hears all the time, and this not only fails to distinguish yourself from every other guy out there, but it also fails to engage your target.

I remember when I was out at a bar one time and talking to a guy I had bumped into. He was waiting around, drinking his drink, eyeing a group of three girls up at the bar. Suddenly, his opportunity presented itself as two of the girls left for the bathroom, leaving their rather attractive friend unattended at the bar. This guy turned to me and said:

"It's been nice talking to you, but I'm gonna talk to that girl now."

Interested in what he was going to say, I asked him what he was going to Open her with. He said.

"She's got on a cool shirt. I'm gonna compliment her on her shirt. Girls love it when guys notice things about what they're wearing."

I couldn't help but cringe.

Sure, the girl was wearing a really cool, jewel encrusted shirt, but I knew that she's probably heard "Hey, that's a cool shirt" a million times before.

I tried to tell this to the guy I was talking to, but he dismissed me and went to talk to the girl anyway. I watched for a few minutes as he complimented the girl on her shirt, and she promptly ignored him until her friends came back, at which point the whole group gave him the cold shoulder.

Honestly, girls hear compliments all the time, and though it's nice to be flattered, they will often see through your reason for complimenting them - i.e. you telegraph interest when you compliment a woman.

But Compliment Openers can work if done right.

By "Doing it right," I mean complimenting a girl on something that is unique, and not every guy will notice. This usually means complimenting her on something OUTSIDE her physical beauty or fashion tastes.

Not only will this kind of Opener make the girl feel good, but will make you stand out from all the other Moes who approach her.

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