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In the military, before a recruit is allowed to join the ranks of actual soldiers, he must go through bootcamp.

Bootcamp is a way of breaking down someone's limits, and establishing a basic skillset that is then used to build the other skills necessary to be a soldier.

In this respect, we'll approach learning to Open women the same way, by breaking down your current limits, and building the basic skillset you need to go further in your interactions with them.

I have used the following plan to help break myself of my fear of approaching women, and I have also used it with great success with other men who suffered from the same problem.

This method is field tested and proven to work.

The first thing we have to do is build your Competence, so that when faced with the opportunity to Approach, you can act swiftly and efficiently.

So start off with this basic step:

--Memorize 3 Openers

That's it. Just 3 simple openers.

They can be any Openers you want, it doesn't matter if they're some of the ones I've given you in this book, or they're ones you made up yourself. It doesn't even matter if the Openers aren't proven to work at this point.

You just need to know them and get them down pat!

Here's the next step:

--Choose a Primary Opener

Of the three Openers you've memorized, choose 1 to be your primary.

This Primary Opener is what you are ALWAYS going to Open with. It'll be the first thing you say to a girl.

This way, you won't have to think about which Opener to choose, you already know which one you're going to start with.

Third step:

--Find a place to practice

This can be anywhere there are women around. Be it a bar, a club, the beach, a church group, the super-market, or wherever you want to go.

The only requirement is that there has to be people there, and hopefully a good number of them to practice with.

Fourth step:

--Pick a Target

Be it a woman who's on her own, or a group of people, pick your target to use your Primary Opener on.

Fifth step:

--Approach your target

Once you have set a target, it is time to Open them. Walk up to whomever you've chosen, and present your Opener.

Sixth step:

--Getyour target's response

After you use your Primary Opener, listen to the target's response and evaluate it. Do people respond well to the Opener? Does it engage them? Do they talk to you?

Regardless, just get their response. And the final step of Bootcamp is:


Once you have received your target's response, thank them, and leave your target with "Pleasure meeting you."

The reason for ejecting is that by doing so, you predetermine the outcome of the interaction.

Because you already know how the interaction is going to end, you eliminate that Fear of Loss because you have already disqualified your target before you Open them.

So the basic 7-step structure of Bootcamp is:

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