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Okay, we covered a lot of this in The Art Of Body Language earlier. But be aware that there is a certain type of body language you want to use when approaching someone for the first time.

Understand, words are not the only thing we use to communicate with others.

The way we carry ourselves says a lot about us. If we have bad body language, then no matter what we say, we could be perceived as weak or unconfident -- two major turn offs for women.

So Body Language is something you need to keep in mind when you are approaching women.

There are two distinct periods in the approach where you need to be aware of how you are presenting yourself:

1. The Walk-Up

2. The Conversation

The Walk-Up is the period of time where you are physically approaching your target, or "walking up to them."

Most guys will approach their target dead on, making for them in a straight line, with little regard for how aggressive it may look. And while this is a minor point, it can cause your target's defenses to go up, so why make your job any harder?

Instead, when you initially walk up to your target, do so at an angle, not dead on. This is much less aggressive and more under the radar.

Be sure not to face them squarely, since that is rather confrontational. Instead, turn your body to them slightly to "soften" your approach. Just subtly pointing your shoulder at your target will do the trick.

The Conversation is the period of time when you actually start talking to your target.

Now that you've opened them, you need to appear cool, relaxed, and slightly disassociated. This can be accomplished by putting your weight on your back foot. Keep your shoulders back, your chest slightly out, and your feet shoulder length apart. And most importantly - SMILE!

Smiling is the single most important piece of body language there is to convey an engaging, friendly attitude.

It is tremendously important.

If you look at people throughout the day, in a bar, club, bus, work, what have you, most guys are not smiling. Simply by doing that, you'll make yourself easier to talk to and more engaging (not to mention more attractive!).

There is a school of thought that exists that says you should NEVER smile when you're trying to get a woman.

Frankly, I think there is merit to this approach, but it depends on both the circumstance, and the woman.

When you boil it down to the basics, when meeting someone you don't know for the very first time, always err on the side of caution and.

It's easier to recover from appearing too happy than it is from coming off as a big stick-in-the-mud!

Good body language, coupled with good tonality, will make you seem more confident, outgoing, engaging, and fun than anyone else around you. And this will naturally attract people to you and make Opening them easier.

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Body Language

Body Language

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